Car enthusiasts are absolutely serious about maintaining their cars in perfect condition. Unlike a squashed bug or a dreaded scratch on the exterior, a water spot seems to be not that harmful. But honestly, water spots are as damaging to a car as the other debris. It can ruin the paint as much as the other debris.

Since water comes in contact with the surface of the car more often (be it rain or even when washing it), the microscopic contaminants in water get stuck to the body of the car. This is what leads to the maximum damage. Not dealing with the water spots properly or leaving it behind starts affecting the paint and soon the car gets tarnished with permanent marks.

Remove Water Spots From Your Car

Though it may sound troublesome, there are effective ways in which a water spot can be cleaned. But before analysing the best ways of dealing with it, let us know more about water spots.

The 3 Types of Water Spots

Water spots are broadly classified into three types. These are identified as follows.

I. Regular

When washing your car, water from the regular old tap can bond with the paint leading to discolouration. Natural minerals from the water like magnesium and calcium get dissolved with the paint and form chalk-like deposits on the surface, which with time gets difficult to remove.

II. Bonded Mineral

Microscopic pollutants like smoke, emissions from industries and dust that get mixed with the rainwater and fall on the car plague the finish of the paint severely. Rainwater has acidic contents like nitric and sulphuric acids, which combine with the contaminants and leave behind stubborn spots.

III. Etching

When spots of water get integrated with the paint due to exposure to high heat like sunlight, it is recognized as etching. Severe etching leaves permanent marks on the surface of the vehicle and needs abrasive to correct the problem. It is always advisable to take help from professional car wash Calgary based service providers for they know how to deal with the situation properly. If the application goes wrong, the damages to the car will be irreparable.

So, now that you recognize the different types of water spots, it is time to finally learn how to deal with these.

The 2 Most Effective Methods

Focusing on the effective methods of removing water spots, here are two techniques every car owner should absolutely know about.

The Vinegar Method

Vinegar is a form of acetic acid that has a low pH concentration, which makes it great for removing water spots.

For this method, you would obviously need vinegar, distilled water, sponge, microfibre towel and a small bucket.

Make a mixture using the vinegar and distilled water (for a more acidic solution), dip the sponge in the solution and use it to wipe the surface well for at least a minute or two. Do not rub aggressively for it can end up in with scratches.

You will notice a significant change after the wash is completed. Take the clean towels and wipe off the water well. You can use the sealant wax for that extra shine. This process will surprise you!

The Clay Method

Metal fragments, dust and ash can be removed effectively from the car surface using the clay method.

To complete the process, you will need a clay bar, lubricant and microfibre towel.

Apply the lubricant all over the surface to avoid getting scratches. Once done, take the clay bar and gently rub it over the exterior of the car. All the contaminants and grits will be caught well by the bar. Keep moving the bar on the surface until it slides without causing friction. If you have attained the desired results, use the towel to clean the car and render it spotless.

This method of removing the water spots is extremely effective and impressive. However, it requires precision. If you are not entirely sure about undertaking the task yourself, hire professionals to complete it.

Now that you know how to rid your car of water spots, ensure that you use this information effectively. But as experts say, “prevention is better than cure”, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

• Wash your car regularly to avoid the containments bond with the paint of the car. You can opt for affordable self-serve car wash Calgary based services.
• After every wash, use a microfibre towel to dry the surface for it prevents the spots from forming at all.
• Use a quality wax sealant on the car

Thus, no more water spots on the car!