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About Us

Established in the year 1986, Happy Bays has been providing state of the art self-serve car washing, dog washing, and complete auto detailing services to its esteemed clientele. In our pursuit of excellence, we have created a remarkable facility which has received the Better Business Bureau A+ Rating . The other attributes that make us the much talked about auto detailing service in Calgary and the surrounding areas are the use of the latest technologies.

The wash options at Happy Bays include the use of hot and soft water. Our water softeners effectively clean the impurities in water (read calcium and magnesium deposits). This is of utmost importance as the water in Calgary is very hard due to the presence of limestone. Our Turtle wax pro and other chemicals lend the car a glowing sheen thereby making it appear like new.

Another reason why Happy Bays has carved a niche for itself in the auto detailing segment in Calgary is its competitive pricing. Our four services viz., auto detailing, automatic car wash, coin car wash, and dog wash make it convenient for the customers to fulfil their washing needs at a single state of the art facility. We are opened all 7 days in a week and for long hours.

At Happy Bays, we ensure customer privacy by providing proper wall partition in the bays instead of curtains. Our well-lit bays are kept heated during cold winter months. Our front store sells all assortments of car washing, dog washing, and auto detailing supplies. Our experienced and courteous staff are always by the side of the customers to render help during working hours should there be any issue or equipment malfunction.

Vision and Mission: To provide the customer with the best automatic car wash, self serve car wash, dog wash, and auto detailing experience.