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Base Packages

  • Package Features
  • Bronze $99
  • Silver $149
  • Gold $249
  • Free Ultimate Touchless
    Car Wash
  • Free Ultimate Touchless
    Car Wash
  • Free Ultimate Touchless
    Car Wash
  • Eco friendly hand wash
  • Interior vacuum
  • Inside Windows Cleaned
  • Dashboard and Vinyl Cleaned & conditioned
  • Interior Deodorized
  • Floor mats washed
  • Door jams cleaned
  • Leather seats cleaned and conditioned
  • Undercarriage washed
  • Thorough vacuum every nook and cranny
  • Tires, wheels and wheel wells cleaned and shined
  • Liquid wax application
  • N/A
  • High-quality, long-lasting paste wax
  • Leather seats steam cleaned,scrubbed,protected & re-moisturized
  • Carpets & upholstery shampooing
  • Basic engine clean
  • * Add $19.00 for small SUV's & Station Wagon
    * Add $ 39 for large SUV’s & mini Vans 3

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Add-Ons or Stand-Alones

Carpet & Upholstery Shampooing
Shampooing package includes deep cleaning of carpet, seats and any other fabric material from stains, spills, mud, salt stains and just about anything.Our steam vapor deep cleaning system will not only clean, but disinfect and kill all bacteria and germs including mildew and smoke stains without using of harmful chemicals.

* Add $19.00 for small SUV's & Station Wagon
* Add $ 39 for large SUV’s & mini Vans 3


Buffing, Polishing & Hand Wax COMBO
The 3 stage Compound, Polish & Gloss combo will not only remove oxidation & light scratches, it will also reveal a rich like new gloss. Our NXT generation wax by hand& buffing using a non-scratching micro fiber cloth & sponge leaves the car exterior spotless, a final coat of paint protection is applied to ensure the new surface is adequately protected against the elements such as rock chips, gravel and extreme weather. This is a standard procedure and included in Hand Wax COMBO package.

* Add $19.00 for small SUV's & Station Wagon
* Add $ 39 for large SUV’s & mini Vans 3


Fabric Guard
  Starting from $89
Our Fabric Guard treatment help protects against repelling liquids, dirt , dust and grease while protecting against damaging UV or sun exposure. Fabric protections covers fabric seats, carpet & upholstery and convertible tops. The fabric of your car is at risk every day for normal wear and tear. Fabric Guard or scotch guard treatment will help keep your seats, Carpets & upholstery clean by creating an invisible barrier between the dirt and Fabric. Highly recommended after interior detailing.

Extra charges for larger vehicles*


Head Lights Restoration
We can restore your headlight to almost new again. Newer vehicles have acrylic head lights rather than glass head light lenses. The acrylic lights look great however, the setback with acrylic headlight lenses unlike glass they oxidize, fade, gets yellow and discolor over time. We can restore your head lights for a fraction of the cost it would take to replace your headlights. The aging of head lights and scratching not only looks unattractive, but can also decreases the night vision. Let us restore your head lights professionally.



Our Best Selling Add-On

The carpet and upholstery shampooing or steam cleaning is our best selling package for a reason. Mostly vehicle carpets come as stain-resistant. Carpets are normally meant to reduce staining problems and protect the interior of the car from dirt and grime. But over time, with regular usage, they do not remain stain-proof anymore. They accumulate a lot of dust and dirt with trapping of oils, bacteria, etc which can lead to discolorations. Plain vacuuming is not enough to get rid of everything, especially if it concerns stains and odors. It is in this case that you can take the help of our services to leave your car carpet fresh and new. We offer the best car detailing packages which is guaranteed to make your car clean both from inside as well as the outside.


Carpets are textiles just like clothing, lines, etc. Our trained professionals for auto carpet & upholstery steam cleaning, Calgary, take some time to first understand the carpet as well as the car seat for the individual type of materials and age and then apply treatments accordingly so that they are cleaned effectively as well as safely. We generally recommend that the carpets be cleaned regularly at a gap of 6 months. If not yearly cleanings are must. Professional cleaning increases the longevity of the carpets since each and every speck of dirt is cleaned. We know that even a tiny amount of dirt in the carpet rubs together and the carpet fibers wear out prematurely.


According to the type of carpet and stain or dirt, we apply any of the following cleaning methods.


Carpet Shampooing- This is the commonly known name of the hot water extraction method. In this method we apply pre-spray and then hot water rinse and agitation is used for the removal of soil and soap. For the agitation we use machines for application of pressure with brushes and sometimes simply use the wand that vacuums the hot water that was sprayed on the carpets for the rinsing of the pre-spray. The fiber of the carpet determines the chemical requirements which differ accordingly. We know how important the health of your carpet is for you and so our certified and trained professionals maintain the utmost care during this process. This is a popular method of carpet & upholstery deep cleaning Calgary.


Steam Cleaning- In this method we use rotary machines with steam and water vapors to conduct the cleaning and after that thorough wet vacuuming follows. This method has been in vogue for quite some time now. We highly recommend this method compare to shampooing.


Dry compound- For this method, cleaning compound that is 98% biodegradable is spread evenly over the thing in discussion. The compound attracts all the grime, dirt and dust and then the entire compound, including the dirt is vacuumed off which leaves the carpet absolutely dry and clean. We most use counter-rotating cylindrical, specially designed brushing system which leaves it totally clean. We do not go for hand scrubbing as that cleans just the carpet's upper portion.


Bonnet- In this method, the surface is sprayed with a mist-like pre-spray and then a bonnet or round buffer starts scrubbing the mixture in a rotating motion. The machine used looks like a floor buffer and a spin pad that absorbent, attracting soil and rinsing or replacing repeatedly. It is a quick solution and after the clean up we also use antimicrobial agent to make it as clean as possible.


Encapsulation- Another popular method of carpet & upholstery deep cleaning Calgary has is encapsulation which works like many tiny sponges in the form of polymers or deep-cleaning compound crystals that absorb and dissolve dirt before getting removed. A rotary machine, compression sprayer or brush applicator is used for the application of cleaning solution. Then the dried up residue is vacuumed immediately to reveal a carpet that looks and feels brand new. Literally no drying time is needed in this method and the carpet can be used immediately.


Apart from carpet cleaning, our car detailing service includes the cleaning of car upholstery as well. Despite being careful there are times when spills happen, especially if there are children or pets involved. In fact, over time, they start losing their color and vitality and start looking old. Our professionals help you reverse the time for your upholstery through proper care and clean up. We help in odor elimination as well so that you feel like you are traveling in a brand new car, making you revisit the days when you first bought the car.


Interior and exterior cheap detailing packages Calgary NW are available with us. We employ the latest cleaning techniques so that your upholstery and carpets retain the optimal appearance and color. We have a lot of experience and we know that with proper cleaning you will be able to protect your investment by increasing its beauty and extending the life as well. When we handle, treat and condition leather of your car upholstery we used only the proper PH balanced solution. The video and navigation screens are wiped delicately so that streak-free clarity is provided. We also specialize in no water car wash. However, many people feel that perhaps this concept is not as effective as washing the car with water, but you may be assured that this method will make your car equally clean. For this method just special cleaners and products are sprayed on the car's surface which dissolves all dust, dirt and other such stubborn substances there. This is a method that requires some amount of precision and we handle everything with expertise and care, so that there are no scratches whatsoever on the car and all that is left behind sparkling, clean car.


For car seats and carpet steam cleaning Calgary, we use the best chemicals and cleaning materials. The cleaning is not just restricted to the passenger seats but often extends to the car's trunk area to ensure the best all round cleaning of the car. In case of pet hair removal, we assist you by taking care of that, thus removing the headache and arm grease that it may involve for you to do it by yourself.


So say bye bye to stains, dirt and grime by coming to Happy Bays Car and Dog Wash, where we take care of both apples of your eyes- your pet as well as your car with equal care and warmth. Here we do not just offer you services, but our aim is to build relationships, lasting relationships. Get the best services at the best car detailing packages which ensures that every inch, each nook and cranny of the car is left spotless. Any one can clean vehicles, but not always professionally we invest a lot of effort and time so that your car looks like it has just come from the showroom floor.