Possessing a sparkling clean car is a matter of pride for all car owners. That is why, on weekends you’ll find many people, perhaps even you too, hitting a coin car wash facility where they wash their cars diligently. But sometimes, other important works may call for your attention. Does that mean you skip your car washing session on your Sunday agenda? Certainly NO because omitting your Sunday car wash means no clean car the entire week (don’t you need to go to your work, clean the house, do the grocery, etc.?) To help you out, we have combined a few tips to make the most of your coin car wash service at a minimum time.

Washing your car is a time-consuming process and when you have other works to complete, time and tide certainly don’t seem to wait! So how can you finish your car wash at a coin car wash centre efficiently and quickly? Here are some great tips mentioned below:

1. How to use coin car wash facility: First of all, if you do not carry coins get some from the car wash attendant, or use credit card in the bay. It is also advisable to carry your own supplies like a good number of microfiber towels, interior cleaning products if you want your self-serve car wash session to be really quick. Turn the dial to presoak and soak all the car’s exterior. After completing this, pressure wash the car with wand wash gun. Switch the control to foam brush and start scrubbing. Make sure that you opt for a car wash facility that uses hog’s hair foam brush followed by the rinse cycle again. Use tri foam wax for protection and shine. Rinse one more time and then finally the spot free rinse.

2.Additional tips: Compared to the top, your car’s bottom is dirtiest; it is smeared in grease, tar, dirt and what not. Wheels also accumulate break dust. Washing the dirtiest part first and then cleaning the top part with the same foam brush can only mean more scratches and damages. Rinse your foam brush before scrubbing the top part Why? Because your foam brush may already contains dust as well as sharp and minute particles that can scratch the car’s paintwork. For convenient cleaning, it is always preferable to start your coin-car wash from the top and then move downwards. After cleaning both the top and bottom of your car, give one final rinse to remove any leftover residue.

3.Don’t overlook the blower: Many car owners think that it’s alright to let the vehicle dry naturally. But do you know? Allowing the moisture to evaporate naturally off the car’s surface will lead to the formation of ugly water spots. This means again spending more time to re-clean the surface. Hence, never let water to dry naturally from your vehicle’s surface; use the air blower that is available at the car washing facility. It is very safe and does not lead to any water stain or you may use the soft microfiber clothes to dry.

4.Dry your car in the shade: Keeping your car to dry under the sun is not a very good idea as it leads to water drying off quickly (car paint is softer when washed and hence easier to form scratches). If you want to obtain satisfying self-serve car washing results, do not dry your car in the direct sun but always in the shade

Conclusion: Thus, these are some great tips quicken your coin-car wash service. Although you may have the weekend fully packed with things on your list, taking out some time to wash your car is not too difficult for now you know how to clean your car quickly and efficiently.