Grooming your dog is one of the most important rewards that you can give your beloved pets. The activity is as important for them as cleaning and bathing and moisturising is to you. Your pets need you to groom them properly and take care of all their needs to prevent them from becoming prone to diseases and other adverse illnesses. From indulging them with the proper baths, allotting a certain time from them to unwind, clipping their nails, treating them to their favourite treats every once in a while can indeed make for a healthier and happier dog, one who is content with its home and the life that is provided for it.

Dog Grooming Tips And Tricks
Yes, grooming a dog and ensuring that it is assured of the very best can be a tough ask and must be adhered to with care. The right steps must be followed to see to it that your pet is guaranteed the perfect treatment, one that does not leave it barking with annoyance but wagging its tail with contentment. Trying to make your dog take a much needed bath is tough and thus the session should be organised in such a way that makes it look forward to the hour, instead of cowering away. Does your dog cringe at the sight of nail clippers? It probably is because you must have clipped its nail too short for its liking. Dog wash centres in Calgary are adept at treating your dogs with the best time and should be employed if you want to pamper your dog with some professional care.

Here are some of the tips and tricks that can be incorporated into your daily dog grooming sessions to make it both fun and entertaining and not a severely painful experience for both yourself and your pet:

1. Do Not Prolong The Gap Between Sessions

Your dogs need to be treated with grooming sessions quite a few times every month. However, you cannot go for days without grooming them just because you can afford to wait. A prolonged delay can lead to the growth of bacteria and other harmful insects within their coats that can lead to further complications.

2. Use The Right Clippers

Always make sure you use the right clippers, preferably stainless steel to clip their nails that have the tendency to grow longer at an alarming rate. Take care to not clip them right till the  nail bed as this might lead to bleeding and an irritation, giving rise to infections.

3. Check The Bristles Of The Brush Before Using Them

The bristles of the brush need to be considered before you can apply them on their coats. It is advised to use wider toothed combs to brush through the furs to enhance its sheen and help draw out the dirt and dust that can be found embedded in them, almost hidden from view.

4. Use Cotton Balls To Plug Their Ear Holes

While bathing them make sure that their ears are properly plugged to prevent the entry of water. This can give rise to further complications, not to mention the incessant pain that the dog would be put through after the session.

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