How nice your car looks when it is bright and clean. You can’t resist yourself from glancing at your own car’s gleam! And it is all because of the type of car wash that you’ve chosen. Amidst the various car wash types that are available today, automatic car wash in Calgary or any part of the world is one of the most preferred types. Majority car lovers favor automatic car wash as the cleaning session doesn’t last too long and for the mere convenience. In other words, you can have a clean car at the quickest possible time.

Keeping your car clean and clear fetches you a higher resale value. Besides, it gives you a different level of personal satisfaction as well. However, those who clean their own car, often adopt the wrong practices that do more harm than good to their vehicle. But that is not the case if you opt for an automatic car wash service from a reputable facility. The reason? For your car is washed automatically! But if you haven’t availed this car wash service yet, it is time to know a few things first.

Reasons for considering an automatic car wash

No scratches: In self-car cleaning, many use stiff brushes to scrub the car’s exterior. Doing so leaves behind small scratches on the vehicle’s surface. For older cars with no clear coat over the final car paint, using these brushes is not much of a problem as the minor to moderate scratches can be buffed out. But for modern cars, once this clear coat is ruined, you will have to repaint the entire area to restore the shine. You can opt for an automatic car wash service which is touchless from an expert facility, they refrain from using such stiff brushes. Other alternatives include car detailing and self-serve car wash services – in the former, car is cleaned using only high-pressure water and solvent with cloth sponge and clay bar and in the latter, you need to use the high pressure water gun pre-soak and foam brush.

Use of only clean and soft cloths: Most automatic car wash facility dries excess water from the surface using a strong jet of hot air after getting washed. Following this, your can then hand wipe with clean microfiber cloths. This prevents the formation of water marks on your car’s surface.

Saves your environment: Washing your car at home would only mean wasting gallons of water and is not allowed in many municipalities. But on availing an automatic car wash service, you could end up saving unnecessary water consumption and that water can then be used for other useful purposes.

Great cleaning at an inexpensive rate: Many car owners have the wrong idea that car cleaning at a professional center is a pricey affair. Honestly, an automatic car wash isn’t that expensive at all; it is an affordable option that you can only understand once you avail it. Moreover, unlike in DIY car cleaning, it saves your time which can be used to doing something more productive. Time is one of the most valuable resource. One can be in and out quickly in comparison to other car washing options options.

Conclusion: Maintaining a clean and shining car brings undefined happiness to a car owner. But only a few know which car wash type is perfect to provide them with such contentment. From the above-mentioned factors, it is clear why availing automatic car wash in Calgary or elsewhere can do you more good than harm. To know more about our various car wash services, call us on 403-247-8338