Having a furry companion by your side is indeed loads of fun. Rest assured they would stay firmly by your side when you need them the most. However, you cannot afford to simply pet and cuddle them and give them the occasional bath. Grooming sessions of an elaborate kind need to be indulged in frequently to ensure that they remain hearty and healthy and not fall prey to a host of diseases.

Prevent Deadly Dog Diseases

Dog grooming sessions are the best gift that you can reward your dog with. If you are a newbie owner, look up the instructions available over the Internet, ask your friends or take professional help from the nearby dog wash centres. Happy Bays, one of the most renowned dog and pet wash organisations in Calgary, can be reached out to for an invigorating session for both your dogs and the owners. These sessions are conducted by the professionals who assist you while you go about cleaning your dogs using equipments of the most advanced kind. The services offered by Happy Bays also include packages which involve these very same professionals groom your dogs for you.

To summarise, yes, grooming sessions that not include bathing your dogs but also injecting them with vaccines are important. You would be all the more aware of their importance once you get to know of some of the most deadly diseases that can affect your beloved dogs if you are not cautious. Have a look:

1. Gastric Torsion

To put it simply, gastric torison implies bloating. Bloating often occurs in your pets when the food is being swallowed too quickly making it difficult for air and fluids to pass quickly. As a result, your dog would find it hard to vomit or burp. It is an extremely uncomfortable state for your dog to be in and can be prevented once you train your dogs to eat slowly and not gobble it up as soon you place it in front of him.

2. Renal Failure

Poisoning, heriditary diseases, medical complications and even dental troubles can lead to kidney diseases amongst your dogs. If you notice anything strange with their urine pattern, sudden fever, vomiting or a change in apetite, you should get them checked immediately. The disease develops over time but is highly preventable if detected at the earliest stages and if your dogs are subjected to thorough grooming sessions.

3. Heartworm Disease

Heartworm diseases are contracted when a mosquito bites your dog. It is a highly preventable disease and the medications highly affordable yet the disease is often always overlooked. An intramuscular injection that is arsenic based is used to treat it. However, the treatmet varies from dog to dog and it is advised you talk to your local vet about it.

4. Cancer
Canine cancer is constantly on the rise and the symptoms include strange odours, sudden weight loss and unusual lumps on the skin. Lethargy and a sudden change of appetite should also not be neglected as normal and must be tended to immediately. Dogs over the age of 10 are subjected to the disease and is advisable that the grooming sessions of these dogs include frequent visits to the vet.

Dog grooming sessions must be adhered to with proper care. Take your dogs out for a weekly treat to Happy Bays, car and dog wash in Calgary and ensure a long and hearty life for your furry companions.