Dogs are a man’s best friend! They can make you happy even on the gloomiest of the days. Your household must be a dog-loving one. In fact, according to various studies, having a dog in the house makes you healthier and happier. However, most dog owners struggle with keeping the house clean. While having a four feet friend in the house might be good for you, it is a challenging task to keep them and the surrounding clean.

Effective House Dog Clean Tips

But gone are the days when dog owners would have to worry about a messed up house. There are a few tried and tested methods that ensure to keep your dog-friendly home clean and fresh. The dog wash Calgary based experts guarantee satisfactory results. Want to know what these tips are? Keep reading to find out more.

Invest in a good vacuum cleaner
Furry or non-furry, dogs generally shed a lot. This means that you need to vacuum your place constantly in order to keep the fur flying everywhere. Dirt and other small debris travel with their paws and fur. And with them rolling on the bed and jumping around the house, it is time to clean again before you finish the first round. Rather than making cleaning a strenuous process, you can invest in a good vacuum cleaner for it can make a huge difference. There are automatic models available in the stores as well. This might sound expensive, but these automatic versions run on a set schedule. Keep them on and go to sleep. Your house will feel new every morning!

Wash their paws and give regular baths
It is a nightmare to clean those tiny little paws. Those are the breeding ground for bacteria if not cleaned properly. So each time they come back from a walk, make sure you use a wet cloth to rub their paws. Keep their nails clipped and clean. Also, if the pet is hurt, use an anti-bacterial medicine immediately to keep it from smelling and spreading. A weekly wash is absolutely necessary if daily is not an option! You can take the furball to a self-serve dog wash Calgary based for a bath session, which will render them spotless.

Opt for durable furniture
You can’t keep the doggo out of the couch. And you can’t complain about the stained and smelly rug either. So, it is time to upgrade the furniture to something that is more durable and doesn’t act like a fur magnet. Get rid of the old sofa first! Leather sofas are the best option to invest in. Buy a rug that is sturdy and won’t be torn easily. Make sure that all the fabrics in the house are stain-resistant. You can also put a pet-friendly throw that you can chuck in the washing machine every time needed.

Pedicures are a must
It is pivotal that your furry friend’s nails are trimmed and clean all the time. Long nails mean scampering on the wooden floors, scratched leather furniture and punctured upholstery. If not cleaned regularly, the nails will soon become the breeding ground for bacteria, which can make their paws smelly! So give them the monthly pedicures to ensure that everything remains under control.

Buy a good dog bed
That extra fluffy bed on the pet bed aisle lured you to buy it. But guess what, it is a nightmare to clean! Rather than opting for beds that look extremely pretty, you should check the features like water resistance. This will allow you to give it a quick wipe and get rid of the smell. Also, leave the bed out in the sun for as long as you can. It will kill the bugs and keep the bed clean.

Keep your house ventilated
Persistent dog smell can affect the energy of the house. To get rid of the smell, make sure that the house is well ventilated. Let fresh air come in the rooms. This will help get rid of the stench. Even during the winter, a blast of fresh air for 5 minutes can deodorize your home, making it smell it good again.

So, what are you worrying about? To keep the dogs clean, hire dog wash experts at an affordable price. To keep the home clean, make good use of the above-mentioned information. A clean pet means a clean house, and happy you!

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