A major confusion that prevails in people’s minds is how a car wash is different from a car detailing, mostly because both the services are related to car cleaning. Many are under the idea that both are the same and just have different names. However, that is not the case. Car wash and car detailing differ in many ways and mainly car detailing is a service that does more than car washing. So, if you are wondering whether to take your car for a professional car wash or car detailing service then, read this blog and get a proper idea.

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So, let’s now check out how a car wash and car detailing service are different;

What is a car wash and what is included in it?

A typical car wash service is nothing but a process of washing the exterior of the car with the help of a hand or machine. The basic setup under a car wash consists of a tunnel set up where the vehicle is washed thoroughly with the cleaning agents, scrubber, soap, brushes, and water and then, the cars are dried using a giant blow drying machine or using a microfiber towel. Car washing is generally the most basic among all types of the car cleaning process and thus, is required more often. A car washing service generally takes less time compared to a car detailing service.

What is a car detailing service and what is included in it?

A car detailing service is more complicated in comparison to a car wash service. It doesn’t only involve washing the car in and out that is externally and internally, but also involves other services like waxing, painting, polishing, buffing and more. Moreover, a car detailing service involves the use of pH balanced products to offer the best protection to the car. To help you understand the services that are offered under car detailing service, let us check out what external car detailing service and internal car detailing service involves;

Interior Car Detailing Services

Under interior car detailing services, the professional detailers not only restore the clean look of the interior but also, focus on creating a hygienic environment;

  • Total interior cleaning
  • Leather, carpet and upholstery shampooing
  • Fabric safeguard treatment
  • Application of vinyl and rubber protectant
  • Leather cleaning and conditioning

Exterior Car Detailing Services

Under exterior car detailing services, the professional detailers enhance the shine of the car and remove the grime and dirt, eliminating the dents, dings and scratches with paint protection and more;

  • Washing, scrubbing drying the car
  • Paint application
  • Buffing, polishing and waxing
  • Tire and Wheel Cleaning
  • Headlight restoration
  • Engine bay cleaning

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Now that you have an idea, of how a car wash service differs from a car detailing service, you are likely to understand whether your car requires a car wash or car detailing service. If you are searching for a car wash and detail center that have the requisite resources, expertise and offer the best car detailing in Calgary and car wash service, then contact Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Center at 403-247-8338 or drop a mail at info@happybays.ca.