Finally, the monsoon is round the corner! The cool showers are indeed refreshing, but the rainy season inevitably brings a host of problems of your vehicle – the humidity, water and moisture create disaster for the metal ware and electronic gadgets of your car. Hence, it’s mandatory to ensure shield protection for your automobile during the monsoon. Below are listed a bunch of easy-to-follow tips which will make your rainy-season motoring experience worth cherishing –


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Get the windscreen wipers ready:

Since, clear visibility can be a bit challenging when it’s raining, you require driving carefully.
Your car’s windscreen wipers are of paramount importance during the rainy season. The windscreen wipers can’t afford a skip or a miss during monsoon. You require making sure that your vehicle’s wiper motors are functioning perfectly. Clear visibility must top your priority list, when it comes to a safe driving experience. Get a good pair of wiper blades, which will help you with a better and clearer visibility while driving.

Keep foul odor at bay:

The monsoon brings with it the foulest odor, which inadvertently gets trapped inside the car. Things get even worse, when the foul odors get trapped inside the air-conditioning system of your vehicle. It’s necessary to ward off the odorous smell from your car. You can spray some aromatic disinfectants inside your automobile to get rid of such bad odors. Relying on the professional car wash or wand wash service in Calgary is a great idea, if you want your car to look absolutely spic-and-span even during the rainy seasons.

Regular servicing is mandatory:

Pre-monsoon servicing is one of the most essential things to do during monsoon. Your automobile must have gone through pollution, dust, grim and scorching heat during the sultry summer. And, during monsoon, you must prep your car for facing watery and clogged roads in the rain-affected and heavy traffic zones. You must avoid rash driving during the season of rain.

Pay heed to every nitty-gritty:

Don’t forget to replace the cracked tyres of your vehicle, check the air pressure before driving your vehicle. Also, make sure the wheels are aptly aligned and balanced. These help in preventing your car from skidding on an uneven or a wet road during the rainy season. These are all the more mandatory even when the sky opens up decently.

Also, ensure that your car’s headlights and taillights are functioning properly, since during a heavy downpour, visibility gets poor for the driver. If required, immediately replace them with new pairs of headlights and taillights even before the first shower arrives. Check whether your car brakes are well-oiled and functioning right. After all, you have no clues about when you have to hit the brake on a slippery and wet road.

Protect your car’s paint:

No one likes to ride on a dull and washed out car. In order to protect your car’s paint from rain, you should get a wax coating done even before the arrival of monsoon. Rain can cause your car’s paint to fade as well as peel. To restore its luster, you should take help of the professional car detailing Calgary. It is wise to appoint professionals, when it comes to detailing your car from top to bottom.

Also,don’t forget to carry a clean, absorbent cloth or tissues in your car during the rainy season. Wiping off the rain droplets on the wing mirrors can help a lot in avoiding accidents or unfavorable circumstances.

Go through these above-mentioned facts and tips to enhance the life of your car and your own. Have a happy monsoon and enjoy a safe driving.