Keeping your four-wheel prim and proper allows you to stay on the top of parking dings and many other scratches and dents. And, if you are planning to sell, a clean four wheel is automatically a more valuable asset. Now, many people are still stuck to a lot of confusions, when it comes to detailing a car. For a few, cleaning an automobile is all about a spot of water, a clean sponge and a bit of elbow grease. For some, car cleaning is always a professional thing and hence, should be performed only by the proficient experts. Yeah, there’s no denying that cleaning a car by yourself is not a breezy affair. And, things get even more daunting when the mercury dips. With the bone-chilling weather upon us, now is an ideal time to spring clean your four-wheel and restore its full glory. Here are some of the top tips –

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Spray it away

As per the experts, before and if you choose to use the foam brush, use the pressure gun to clean off grit and road grime with soap and rinse cycle.

Tackle the wheel things

According to the experts, you should ensure that the wheels are cold to touch prior to beginning, or you can just end up ruining the finish. Start cleaning them with the appropriate product of choice. Rinse them off before beginning to wash the vehicle’s body to avoid dirt from wheels splashing on clean car’s surface.

Top down

Never wash your car in the sun and begin washing the bodywork right from the top down using a soap or presoak cycle. Start it on the roof and work your way down. Rinse it off before the paintwork dries completely in order to avoid streaks and subsequently repeat it if necessary.

One sponge and two buckets ( Not usually utilized in self-serve facilities )

It’s unknown to many that even after hosing, grit and dirt can cling to your vehicle and scratch/damage the paintwork as you wash. Professional auto detailers minimize the risk using two buckets; one filled with clean water and the other with shampoo in it. They ensure sure to use a well-cleaned sponge every time cleaning a car. After every use, the sponge is rinsed in the bucket of clean water. This will trap the gunk and dirt in the bucket filled with clean water.

Protect and polish

Imagine you drive the city away with a spic-and-span car this festive season. Exposure to sun, dirt and pollution can make your car look dull taking its luster away. The summer’s tree sap, dead insects, bird droppings, etc. tend to pile up over the course of time. This is where car polishing comes into play. Consider taking your car for professional polishing services at regular intervals.

Pay attention to window

Window and window screen are the most overlooked parts of a vehicle. If not cleaned properly, car windows and window screen can spoil the overall look and feel of your prized possession. An effective glass polish can be used to remove the fine scratches and cut glare from the sun while also beading water when it rains.

Disclaimer: Each car wash facility may use different wash equipment and cycles. One must follow the instructions posted at the facility being used. You may also seek help from the wash attendant on site.

Let professionals care the rest

Coin car wash Calgary is a process which, although relatively new, has been widely appreciated by the car owners all around the globe. It involves the use of the car wash equipment which usually runs on a timer. Stop by a reputed self serve car wash service provider in Calgary to make your car sparkling clean.