The holidays are the season of fun and relaxation. With a to-do list that crosses a mile, the go-to support system that would take you from one place to another is your car. Given the fact that you are dependant on your car so much, the last thing you would want is having it break down on the road. It is thus crucial that you take care of it, especially during winter, at a place like Calgary.

What makes the winter season so special?

Winter roads are dangerous – you would never know when there’s snow, and one unmindful behavior can have the car slip. The harsh weather outside can also freeze the oil, which can, in turn, harm the engine. Having said so, there are several tips, tricks, and hacks that can effortlessly get you through the entire season without giving you any reason to call the tow trucks.

Steps to follow for winterizing the car

In the already unrelenting winter, you don’t need to add on to the woes by not preparing the vehicle you are driving. Winterization of the car acts as a shield for the ones behind the wheels so that both the driver and the car can handle the weather with ease. Some steps that fall under the winterization are:

1.Tire Fill

One of the first things you need to keep in mind is to assure that the tires have enough air pressure to run on the winter roads. This is because, generally, the tire pressure loses around one-pound per square inch in the areas where the temperature drops down below 10-degrees Fahrenheit. This would mean less traction on the road and a high chance of accidents. Not only so, if you keep driving at low pressure for long, the overall durability of the tire would also be compromised. Maintain the air pressure throughout the journey. Alternatively, you can also opt for snow tires if the area you live in an area where snowfall or ice is common.

2.Oil and Antifreeze

The second most important thing that you need to ensure is the addition of an antifreeze. This is an excellent additive used to lower the freezing point of liquids in cold environments. This would allow the car to run smoothly without any stops. While most people confuse between antifreeze and coolant, the former is a component of the latter’s mixture. An equal mix of antifreeze and water is known as a coolant.

3.A Thorough Wash

Winter means flying birds, snow-covered car roofs, and a customary car wash in Calgary. It would include both interior and exterior components such as the console, dash, windows, seats, tires, wheels, among others. This would result in an odour-free space where you can enjoy driving, along with a shining surface. 

4.Temperature Check

The weather at Calgary is unpredictable, and the constant fluctuation in the extreme temperature changes both inside and outside can cause the glass to crack. Shifting between two temperatures can also compromise the central heating system of the car. An antifreeze flush is the best way to keep the changes in check and maintain the vehicle.

5.Never Grind The Gears

It is crucial to see that the fluids on the vehicle are filled suitably or not, particularly if you are travelling in the winter. In case you are out driving through the hilly terrains or on slippery roadways, it would mean that the car’s transmission is operating at the peak. Take the car to a professional and have it inspected to ensure that the vehicle’s transmission fluid is topped off.

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