Car Interior Cleaning

It is common to cite car owners dedicatedly cleaning their car on their own to obtain their desired results. If you too are fond of self-cleaning but not delighted with the outcome, you need to resort to professional interior car cleaning Calgary service as well as be aware of the secrets to having a spic and span car interior.

To have a clean car interior, it is essential to have the right tools and follow an appropriate cleaning technique. Below mentioned are the secrets that will give you a fantastic clean car interior.

Secrets to an excellent car interior

1.Dry glass surfaces in two ways: While cleaning your car’s windows, you must have come across at least one annoying streak on the outside or the inside portion of the glass. If you have been thinking that having a streak on your car’s window is unavoidable, read again! You can avoid the formation of streaks by drying the exterior glass in one direction and in the other way for the interior glass. By cleaning your car’s window glass in this way, you can easily know whether there is a streak on the outside or inside of the glass and address it quickly. If you are a good observer, you will notice the interior car detailers too are following this same technique to clean the car windows.

2.Brush the carpet: With a stiff nylon brush, brush off the loose dust particles from the carpets used inside your car. This will allow you to vacuum clean (the next step) the carpets more effectively. Do not do it too vigorously or else it could damage the carpet fibers. Car detailers performing interior car cleaning have access to the right carpet brushing tool that enables them to clean the carpets so well.

3.Use a towel to wipe the interior dry: Leaving your car interior to dry automatically after wet cleaning it will leave your car’s interior with ugly watermarks on the surface. Moreover, such water spots are more difficult to remove than dirt or rust! To save your efforts going vain, always dry your car’s interior with a microfiber towel. You will see the professional car detailers using a soft microfiber towel when wiping the interiors dry.

4.Deodorize your vents with compressed air: Do you love the smell of a new car interior? Do you want to smell it again inside your car? It is possible! Clean the air vents inside your car with not air freshening products but just a can of compressed air. That’s right! Car detailers rely upon compressed air that gives your car interior such refreshing fragrance and removes stale odors, bacteria and muck effectively.

5.Use a towel to apply the leather cleaner: Maintaining the condition of your leather seats is a challenge. But if you use a high-quality leather cleaning product and the right technique, you can achieve positive results. Apply the leather cleaner on the seats and then rub it with a towel. Don’t forget to constantly flip the towel so that you can continue to use the cleaner surface of the cloth. Don’t leave the seats by only rubbing the cleaning product; use a microfiber cloth to wipe it off.

Conclusion: With the interior car cleaning secrets spilled out, you too can have a car interior that looks as good as new. Just taking the care of the car exterior is not enough, you need to pay attention to the interior aspects as well.