The global pandemic, COVID-19, has engulfed scores of people from around the world. With most countries on lockdown and several people either on self-isolation or quarantine, safety measures are taken every day to contain the spread of coronavirus. One of the primary precautions every individual is asked to take is maintaining proper hygiene. Washing and cleaning everything we are surrounded with can remove all traces of infection from the surface. In such a situation, your car should also be thoroughly cleaned because it comes in contact with the outer atmosphere and so, is at high risk of harboring bacteria and viruses on matts and upholstery. Here are some steps we think must be followed, in addition to your regular coin wash regime:

Self-Serve Wash Frequently Used Surfaces

Pressure gun, foam brush, rotatory selector, mat hangers, coins, vacuum handles and bay door buttons are the surfaces that get touched by people repeatedly. Now, we are aware that pathogens can survive on the surface for quite some time. Therefore, it is imperative to carry a hand sanitizer with you, so hands can be disinfected after using the car wash facility, as and when required.

Floor Mats

Floor mats get stepped on after people walk on the filthy surfaces like sidewalks or the hospital floor. People also throw used tissue paper on the floor mats. We often put grocery bags on matts and then carry those bags containing pathogens to our house. Therefore, floor mats should be washed, every time the car is cleaned. 

Interior Controls and Surfaces

Steering wheel, radio controls, window control, door handles, and other surfaces that frequently get touched should be cleaned thoroughly.

Buy a Cargo/Trunk Liner

Investing in a rubber trunk liner is an excellent idea during this time. In addition to protecting the trunk’s carpet from spills and grime, it can be washed to keep the surface hygienic. 

Get Professional Detailing Done

At Happy Bays Car Wash & Detail Centre, we use high-heat steam cleaning, that kills pathogens. By using this technique areas such as car vents, fabrics, even the difficult to reach surfaces underneath the seats are effectively cleaned and disinfected with steam. In addition, our staff use proper personal protection equipment such as disposable gloves and masks while cleaning the vehicles.

Automatic Car Wash

We know it is hard to keep the car clean in Calgary due to frequents temperature variations. If you must wash your car and would rather not come in contact with equipment that other people have touched, why not use touchless car wash. You can pay by credit or debit card and without stepping out of vehicle get your car washed and dry.

Conclusion: This is not an exhaustive list of steps that should be taken; however, it provides great suggestions to keep COVID-19 from spreading. Let’s practice good hygiene not just during a time of the pandemic but always to protect oneself and others. This is also to inform you that Happy Bays have individual car wash bays with the option to pay with a credit card. This decreases the social contact. Please follow federal, provincial and municipal guidelines during this difficult time. Be safe.