Other than keeping your dog clean and smelling fresh, grooming and bathing your pet have many other essential functions. Although bathing and brushing pets could be undertaken by the owner itself, but in certain situations, it is wiser to let a professional groomer for dog and pet wash in Calgary do the job.

 How Frequent to Bathe Your Pet

 The schedule for bathing your dog depends on the specific dog and their requirements. Make sure the dog is bathed when required. Usually, a dog needs washing when it gives out an unpleasant odour or has dirt or mud on their coat. Hence, if you find your dog not smelling unpleasant and does not have a dirty coat, you probably do not need to bathe your furry friend.

 Too frequent bathing of your dog may leave their skin dry and may cause problems on their hair coat. Excessive bathing may leave the skin dry due to the removal of natural oils that exist on the skin. If your furry pet has skin problems, it may need different bathing schedules, and the local vet is the right authority to provide the necessary advice. Dogs going for swimming may require less frequent bathing as the activity is similar to swimming.

 Which Shampoo is Right

 Make sure to select a shampoo that is particularly prepared for dogs. You can find the most suitable products for your pet from your local veterinary clinic. You must not use human shampoo products on dogs as the skin pH of a dog is different from that of human.

A mild and gentle shampoo is the right choice for dogs with healthy skin and coat. If your dog suffers from any skin condition, contact your local vet who can suggest the correct type of shampoo or product that can treat the specific skin condition.

 The place to bathe your dog depends on individual situations. For smaller pets, your utility tubs or kitchen sinks work well, while for larger pets, portable pet tubs or bathroom tubs remain the best choice. Outside hoses do not go well with dogs, as the water is cold. Instead use lukewarm water to get the best results with the shampoo, and of course for the comfort of your pet.

 Protect the eyes by applying an ophthalmic ointment, and put cotton balls on the ears to prevent the entry of water in the ear canals. Start by soaking your pet thoroughly with water and apply shampoo on the coat. Work from neck down to the tail, as you massage the shampoo into the hair. Wash the face with a cloth soaked in water and shampoo, all the while remaining careful not to let shampoo get in the eyes.

 Make a thorough rinse as you attend to the armpits, groin area, and between toes. If needed, apply shampoo once more, and rinse again. Complete washing by using a conditioner to keep the coat soft and shiny.

 Start drying by squeezing the excess water from the pet’s coat. Next, use a dry towel to rub the wet hair, starting with the groin area, then working from the head and moving to the tail. Dogs with long hair should be combed well so that no tangles are formed while drying.

Dry the hairs of the pet while keeping it warm and away from draught. Make sure that your pet does not go outside until the hair is completely dry. You can also use a hair dryer for quick drying of hair. Make sure the heat setting of the dryer is low, or else there are chances of burning the skin of the dog.

 If your pet has severe matting, then it is best to leave grooming and bathing to a professional groomer for dog and pet wash in Calgary. If required, the pet may require sedation before clipping the mats to prevent any pain or injury to the dog.