Every car owner has one desire, and that is his or her car should look good. However, what many of them don’t realize is that just by washing the car, it would not be possible to keep the car spick and span. It needs more than that—car detailing. Detailing the car at the right time would help to keep the car in top condition. While many are aware of detailing, some reluctantly avoid it, and other car owners don’t know when is the right time to get their car detailed.

Your car may appear fine to you because you are seeing it through untrained eyes. However, it may not be in the right condition and need proper detailing work. Leaving the problems unattended would only damage the car further. So, if you are a car owner who is clueless about the right time to detail your car, here is a blog to help you. In this blog, we have mentioned some of the top signs that would help you to understand that your car needs detailing services.

However, before we start, one thing you should make sure of is that your car should be detailed by top professionals. So, if you are based in Calgary and require help, then you can get in touch with the best auto detailing in Calgary service providers to enjoy the benefits.

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Top Signs That Indicate Your Car Needs Detailing Services

Take a look at the signs, which indicate that you should go for car detailing services.

Bad odor

One of the top signs, which means that your car requires detailing is when your car interior starts emitting a nasty smell. At such a point, if you try to stop it using air fresheners, then it will not solve the actual problem and only mask the smell temporarily. Further, such a smell arises when food particles, dust, and food spills accumulate in the car. So, leaving the car interior untreated can make it a breeding place for germs and harmful bacteria, which is of course not good news. So, to prevent such things from happening you must avail of interior car detailing services. The right professionals would vacuum the car’s interior and wash and scrub the seats, floor mats, and other parts of the car interior with the use of car-friendly cleaning solutions. And, also, take care of the car upholstery.

Now, if your car interior is smelly and dirty, then make sure that you avail of car detailing services. If you are in Calgary and need proper exterior and interior auto detailing in Calgary, then make sure that you get in touch with top professionals.

Stubborn stains

Stains spoil the look of the car. Although every car owner wants to avoid it, the truth is that it cannot be avoided. So, the best way to treat these car stains is to try to remove them immediately. However, unfortunately, there are certain types of stains that refuse to go away. To remove these stubborn stains, you need detailing services, since professional detailers know how to remove these stains. So, if you want to make your car seats, other interior parts, and car exterior stain-free, you need a car detailer’s help.

Dull paint

Dull car paint is the immediate sign, which explains that your car is not receiving the amount of care it should. So, you should make sure that you take your car for a proper detailing service and let the professionals take care of your car with washing, polishing, painting, waxing, and other services. If you are based in Calgary and need car detailing in Calgary, then contact top professionals for the best solutions and effective results.

Scratches, dents, and dings on the car

Know without any hesitation that if your car has scratches, dings, and dents, they are clear signs your car needs detailing. This is because without proper detailing services like car polishing, buffing, painting, installing paint protection films, and other paint and paintless techniques, you cannot get rid of scratches, dents, and dings on your car. And, if you don’t treat these issues, then they can expose your car to oxidation, and that would mean rust can appear anytime.

Dirty wheels

The car’s wheels if not detailed routinely can get damaged after a point. This is because the brake dust generates has a high chance of getting accumulating on the car wheels, eating away the coating, and meta away. In the long term, this can make way for rust. To prevent this you must car detail your car wheels when you spot loads of dust and dirt on the car wheels.


When a car receives the right professional detailing services at the right time, the problem not only gets fixed but also the car owner can stay assured that his/her would stay safe for an elongated period of time. Now, besides these signs, other signs indicate that the car needs detailing services. However, these are the top signs that you should frequently check, and you should take the right actions accordingly. Now, as we have said before you get detailing services, you should always get it done with the help of professionals. So, if you reside in Calgary, then you can get in touch with Happy Bays Car Wash & Detail Center for the best auto detailing in Calgary. To get in touch, dial 403-247-8338 or email us at info@happybays.ca.