Your busy schedule seldom gives you the time to attend to tasks that are in crying need of attention such as washing your car and pampering your furry friend. It would be really nice if you can find a place where both these jobs are undertaken without fuss. Let’s begin with your furry friend and leave the inanimate one for some time. Dogs are social animals and like to be in the company of humans. However, what people often miss out is the need to regularly clean their dogs to get rid of parasites besides controlling hair loss. A dog without regular grooming can contract disease in no time, which can even turn fatal. Besides, the hygiene of your house can be affected should the dog runs around playfully leading to health issues, especially if kids are around.

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What Needs to be Done?

The best way is to clean your dog regularly with a good dog soap and shampoo followed by proper drying. Since this activity would require indulgence from your end not to mention meticulous handling, it would be better if the same is done at centres like dog wash Calgary. These professionally run centres have dog trainers who can handle the tantrums of your furry friend and give it the necessary wash in the most hygienic of environment. Moreover, these centres use branded soaps and shampoos to clean your dog keeping it hygienic and healthy. The water used for cleaning is heated or cooled depending on the season, for your furry friend, just like us humans, can get flustered if the temperature of water is not according to the season. A centre like dog wash in Calgary also possesses automatic dog wash facility where, should your furry friend feel uncomfortable to take bath from a stranger, you can chip in too.

Coming to the cleaning of your car, which too requires proper time and effort that is often in short supply most of the time. Instead of trying your hand at car washing in your home it would be better if it is taken to a car detailing facility such as car wash Calgary. With prolonged exposure to the outside world the lustre of your car does take a beating due to the formation of rust, deposition of contaminants and sundry scratches here and there. Attending to the same in your home is not advisable as a professional hand can do the job in a better way.

In a professional set up like the car wash Calgary centre mechanics would dutifully remove the rust, wash the surface with a shampoo with correct pH balance, and wipe it dry with a soft cloth. Also, places from where the paint has come undone are repainted followed by the application of a coat of wax.

A combined car and dog wash service is the best bet should the need arise to attend to both.