Being a car freak, if you may call me, I have been working with several cars over the years. I have also seen various models coming in for a complete car wash service, but often some vehicles need more than just a wash. Now, cars deserve all the love and care that you can give them to keep the market rate high and ensure they last you long. One of the best ways to do so, especially in a place like Alberta, Canada, is by opting for auto detailing Calgary. As I say that, at times, car owners feel that their vehicles are in no need of detailing because of the misconception regarding the price structure of the same. So, today, I have come up with an interesting idea and am about to curate a list of all the things that auto detailing entails, and the price for them!

Auto Detailing: An Overview

Imagine standing in front of your car, after a long drive in rocky terrain, and seeing it filled with dirt and grime. You, then, open the doors, and see that the interior is still in the vacation mode, and remnants of chips, spilled drinks, and dust from the shoes are sitting inside and chilling! What if I tell you that this is exactly what auto detailing saves you from?

The main aim of car detailing Calgary is to restore the lost shine and glamour to your vehicle with the help of the latest technology and the high-quality cleaning products. The professionals who are trained in car detailing, believe it or not, have the superpower to remove the most stubborn stain from both the interior and the exterior of the vehicle.

The Most Common Car Detailing Solutions

Now that we are on the same page regarding what auto detailing is all about, I can go forward and mention the things that are included in the same – 

  1. Exterior Car Cleaning
  2. Interior Car Cleaning
  3. Protection from Rust
  4. Protection of the Paint and its Correction 

This process is the founding base of every auto detailing Calgary service, following which, you, as a car-owner, will be asked to choose your requirements before setting the final price for the same. Other things you can incorporate into your detailing plan, which I highly recommend, are fabric guard treatment, headlight restoration, and even upholstery shampooing. Based on the kind of services you are willing to take at the detailing centre, the price will keep on changing.

Basic Packages of Auto Detailing

At Happy Bays Car Wash and Auto Detail Centre, you will get four basic packages to choose from, starting from $99 to $349, to which you are also allowed several add-ons, depending on the service you want for your vehicle. 

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
$99 $149 $249 $349
Inside windows cleaning, exterior washing, dashboard and vinyl cleaning, deodorization, floor mat washing. Bronze + Undercarriage washing, thorough washing, cleaning and shining of wheels and tires, liquid waxing. Silver + High quality and durable paste wax, cleaning and scrubbing of leather seats, claying, decontamination. Gold + Protection and remoisturization of leather seats, basic engine clean, gloss paint finish.

When you may think that the platinum package includes everything there is to car detailing, it might be crossing your budget. Trust me, the packages at Happy Bays are adjustable and allow you to opt for even the bronze or silver one and top it off with additional requirements. The only thing you would have to remember here is that each of these extra services would incur you a specific amount. These top-ups include carpet shampooing, buffing, hand waxing, adding of a fabric guard, and headlight restoration, among others. The price fluctuates depending on the size and model of your vehicle.

Conclusion: As the most sought-after centre for car detailing CalgaryHappy Bays offers quality-services and an eco-friendly solution to all your problems. In case you want to discuss car wash or detailing with me or visit the centre for your car, shoot me an email at or dial 403-247-8338.