Although watching people bathing their dogs in TV shows and movies seems like a fun-filled activity, unfortunately bathing your dog in real life is not always an enjoyable experience. After all, dogs like to be dirty and stinky and could pick a fight to get out of the bath. Instead,  taking your dog to a self serve dog wash salon would be a worthwhile idea, without being messy in wrestling your dog into a bathtub to lather and rinse it yourself for its washing.

Following are major benefits of using a self serve dog wash:-

Self Serve Dog Wash

No Gigantic Mess to Clean Up at Home

It goes without saying that washing your dog in the bathtub or shower is quite a messy affair. As you prepare yourself with a towel, the dog shakes itself, making the walls of the bathroom filled with water and hair. Using a self serve dog wash facility means you have to get your dog cleaned without having the mess in your home.

No Aching Knees and Back

Bathing your dog means you have to crouch on your knees or lean over your bathtub, making it hard on your back. At the Self-service dog wash facility, there are elevated tubs and blow drying tables, and that do away with any need for bending. There are some self-service dog washing facilities that offer steps and ramps, so there is no need for the dog to be lifted into the tub.

No Clogging of Drain with Dog Hair

The hairs of pets are dense, and washing your pet in the home means good chances of clogging your drain. Trying to clean drains may require getting the help of a plumber.

No Clogging of Washing Machine

Washing your towels that are used for your dogs in the washing machine means good chances of clogging the machine with hairs. Also getting the job done with a professional pet dryer gives you a much better result in less time than if you were to use a human dryer at home.



Affordable and Convenient

Getting a groomer to bathe one’s dog is often a costly affair. Instead, a self serve dog wash station with all its amenities is an affordable alternative for many dog owners. There is no need for fixing an appointment in many of these dog wash facilities, making it easy to use it at your suitable time.

Dog Wash

Enough Space to Work

You do not need to cram your bathroom or shower stall with you and your dog. There are many facilities that provide a stress-free environment. At Happy Bays, for example, we provide free milk bones to help the dogs to enjoy their stay at the salon.

Professional Assistance

You could also find professional assistance in many of the grooming salons providing self service dog wash in Calgary or elsewhere. At Happy Bays, tear less shampoo and conditioner are used as per the individual needs of  a dog’s skin condition. Other facilities that the salon provides include Raised waist level tubs, Pullout ramps for large dogs, and more.