Winter is the favourite season to many of us but what about your dog? Does your dog feel free in the cold season? Regardless of what your dog likes, you should be prepared with all the necessary precautions to protect him during the cold season. Winter care tips for dogs are necessary both in the indoors and outdoors.


Most of the dog owners believe that there is no need for special care as their dogs have a coat made of fur but this is a wrong concept. Dogs do like the warmth inside a home and winter can be as harsh on them as it is on humans. If you are not making proper arrangements for dog care then you should definitely start it now.

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    Winter care tips for your beloved pet:-


Temperature Makes The Difference – Depending on the breed of dog, some are born to be in the colder parts of the world while others find normal temperatures comfortable. The fur on their body says it all! Coming to the breed that does not have thick fur, they would need sweaters or jackets to beat the cold. If your room temperature is controlled then it is fine but winter clothes are necessary when you are taking your dog out for a walk.

Grooming Is Necessary – Just like humans, your dog too needs proper grooming routine. Some of us might skip winter baths for dogs but this is not advisable. Your dog needs to stay clean for the proper functioning of his fur. Does your dog spend a lot of time outdoors? You might opt for a pet wash in Calgary as cleaning your dog during winters is not easy and you need to be very careful.

dog-bath-682169_960_720-min Care For The Paws – Just like us, dogs also tend to have dry skin and develop foot cracks. If his paws are fury then ensure proper cleaning of that part and apply skincare products for moisturization. While you take him out for a walk, use special shoes available for dogs. This will keep his feet free from dirt and chilling cold. Moreover, you will not need to rinse his paws often.


Feeding Necessities – During the cold season, your dog might become lazier than normal times. You should revise his diet plan as he would require lesser calories due to his laziness. Keep eye on his activity and calculate the amount of food he would require each day. You may consult a professional for a personalised diet chart for your dog.


Beware Of The Heater – During the winter season, your dog might seek warmth inside your home. If you have a heat source like space heaters or fireplace, you need to do something about it. It is not possible for you to watch him all the time and he might burn himself. Beware of such accidents and use a pet-friendly heating source.

Conclusion: Winter has approached and it is time to take care of your beloved four-legged pal. There are multiple ways to take care of your pet. From cleaning to feeding and everything in between, that is a lot of work! Though most of the tasks have to be done at home, for the cleaning needs, you can choose a self-serve dog wash in Calgary. Proper care of your pet will keep him healthy and fit during the winters and protect him from chilling cold outside.

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