Car washing is an important task of every car owner; a car that looks dirty externally as well as internally, is visually annoying. The benefits of going for a car wash in Calgary are numerous- your car looks spectacular, has cleaner interiors and also enhanced mechanism resulting in smooth driving.

The joy of driving a clean car is beyond words; but the main question is, which car wash to choose- automatic or self serve car wash in Calgary? Majority of the car owners spend a lot of time deciding which car wash type will be suitable for their prized vehicle. To help you decide, read on to know who wins in the battle of automatic car wash vs self serve car wash.

Automatic car wash

In an automatic car wash procedure, your car is washed using machines and not by any manual labor. In other words, various machines wash your car mechanically instead of being done by any professional. You are provided with numerous washing options like tunnel wash systems or in-bay automatic machines. However, if compared to self service car wash, automatic car washes sometimes fail to pay attention to the details; any portion of the car that is extremely dirty will require additional cleaning time but the automatic machines provide the same car washing time for every part of your car, no matter how dirty your car is. It is important to know that an automatic car wash is more expensive than any other car washing procedure. Although you may be lured to the automatic car wash because it takes less time (even though its cost is high), think again! The efficiency of commercial car wash is a serious point to ponder about.

Self serve car wash

In a self serve car wash option, you are the owner of your car and so you get to decide how you will wash your vehicle. You will have full access to all the high quality equipment and cleaning products but the cleaning will be done by you and not any machine. The main advantage of self serve car option is that you can control the time required to make your vehicle squeaky clean; that is, if any area requires heavy cleaning, you can take as much as the time required until your car shines its best. Moreover, you are provided with various self serve car wash choices like self coin car wash in which you insert coins to avail various car washing procedures that are best required by your vehicle. Besides, by going for self serve car wash there is minimum or no risk of having hard water marks or residual stains on the surface of your car’s body. Other self serve car wash options include credit card and code operated washes. Another reason why self serve car wash is a preferred choice is that it is a cost-effective solution; you spend minimum money and clean the car in your way. Not to forget, obtaining maximum satisfaction after cleaning your car is the ultimate aim of car washing and the pleasure that a self serve car wash grants is inexpressible!

Conclusion- From the above discussion, it is clear that self serve car wash in Calgary is the clear winner. Car cleaning is indeed a time-consuming process and the more you use your car, the more cleaning will it require. Self serve car wash is all about cleaning your precious possession yourself because no one understands your car better than you! To know more about self serve car wash, visit