Is your car lacking its shine & lustre? Would you like to bring it back to its prim-and-proper shape again? If yes, then you must consider detailing your vehicle with automated touch-free wash. The up-and-coming new technologies used in touch-free car-wash ensure thorough cleaning for your vehicle. Below are the prime advantages of touch-less auto wash discussed. To know more please keep on reading:

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 – An A to Z cleaning:

Not always it’s possible to ensure a thorough cleaning for your car. Thanks to those intricate corners and tight spaces which continually hold you back from cleaning every part of a car. Here the importance of touch-free car wash has stepped in. This advanced cleaning process makes sure to reach into the far corners and intricate areas all over a vehicle. Hence, no need to sweat much and spend lots of efforts to rub away those cruddy patches from your car.

– Absolutely hassle-free:

What exactly come on your mind when you think of washing your vehicle? Two/three buckets full of water, sponges & cleaners scattered around, dust & dirt everywhere, and the exhausted you eagerly waiting to get the nightmare over, right? Well, it’s time to come out of this fret as touch-free car wash is here to do the magic! Relying on this advanced process, you no longer require wiping & rubbing your car by hand.  Touch-free wash is exactly what its name implies – it uses top-notch technologies to clean dust, dirt, grime, mud and muck to revamp your vehicle’s appearance to what it once was.

– Totally advanced process:

With automated touch-free auto wash, you need not to worry about harsh cleaning agents, abrasive wash cloths or improper techniques ever again. Backed with many advanced cleaning equipments, it aims to work on stubborn spots, dirt, grim etc. that have been built all-over your automobile. According to the survey, maximum car-owners prefer touch-less wash over conventional hand-wash, as it provides way more efficient results. The incredibly effective washing equipments are able to trace out even teeny-tiny dust particles, which is beyond the reach of your hands.

 – Upsides of touch-free wash:

So, what is the big deal about touch-free auto wash? What sets it apart from the other conventional auto-wash methods? Let’s get some ideas on how is it ruling the car-detailing industry:

  • It lives up to its name – no part of your vehicle would be touched while getting washed off. All you require doing is to step into the facility and let the equipments do their work.
  • Unlike the conventional auto-wash, touch-less car wash will clean your vehicle sans risk of scratch or damage.
  • The process generally revolves around a few steps; firstly, your vehicle would be lathered with soapy cleaners, which ensures the entire car is freed from dust & dirt all over. Then it goes through the washing bay, where it’s treated with high-pressure spot-free rinse. Finally, to bring that neat & sparkly effect, polish quoting is applied to your auto-mobile.  You are absolutely good to go as the process is done.
  • As no brush ever touches your vehicle’s surface, you don’t need to worry about ugly swirl marks or uneven brush spots. You can take it to a big event, as your car will be as spic-and-span as it was specially prepped for a gala event.
  • No soap, no brush and no sponge! Just the washing tools are enough to beat the dirt.

As the machines are ultra-advanced, the efficiency of touch-free, wand wash Calgary is unbeatable. If you are in haste or are looking for quicker cleaning services, then touch-less auto wash might do the trick.