It depends on the size of the area you wish to cover, but generally around $25 per square foot. A basic package that includes a 24-inch hood, partial fenders, and mirrors generally costs around $480 for Scotchguard3M paint protection film, which is 3M’s highest quality self-healing film. In addition, 3M Scotchguard Pro series films come with a 10-year warranty against discoloration or fading. Calgary Car Detailing is offering this price at 2-4634 16 Ave NW Calgary, AB. This is a typical national price in Canada and USA. Calgary Car Detailing’s website provides an illustration of the coverage area of 3M paint protection film packages. 

3M paint protection film

If you would like to also protect your bumper, 24 inch hood and mirrors, the cost is around $780. Most people prefer this intermediate package, depending on their budget, as the bumper tends to take most of the beating from rock chips. Although the bumper is located at the very front of the car and is therefore more susceptible to damage, protecting the hood is more important. Since the hood is made of metal, it can rust if the paint peels off, but the bumper, even though it takes more hits, will not rust. It is recommended that those who do not have a large budget protect the required area, which is the hood, with the basic package of $480 dollars at least.

Those who live in the prairie provinces such as Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, which are prone to rock chips, should consider the package that protects the full hood and fenders, as well as high impact areas like rocker panels. Like the one offered at Calgary Car Detailing called Supreme Protect Package, which costs around $1480 dollars.

 These western provinces of Canada rely on gravel rather than salt for traction on roads during winter months. In spite of the fact that spring cleanup occurs every year, gravel and rocks can still be found in many places. For the eastern provinces of Canada, such as Quebec and Ontario, salt is used for traction in the winter, resulting in less gravel and rocks on the highways and streets. Furthermore, if you purchased a vehicle that is expensive and that you intend to keep for a long time, the supreme package is a great way to protect the vehicle from the damaging effects of the elements.

In the event that you wish to protect the entire car with a 3M paint protection film wrap, the cost for a regular sedan is about $4480. Depending on the size of the vehicle, such as a minivan, SUV or pickup truck, the price may increase.

The takeaway is: From our experience detailing thousands of cars, we believe the PPF cost in Calgary is offset by the benefits of protection against expensive paint repairs, rust and vehicle devaluation. If you wish to maintain your vehicle’s appearance while enjoying the scenic province of the Rocky Mountains, getting the PPF, whether it is 3M Scotch guard Pro or Xpel Ultimate Plus, is a wise decision.