When you decide to take your car for a good wash, you are usually preoccupied with the thought of getting your auto cleaned and serviced quickly and leave. However, what most individuals in Calgary, NW do not realize is that the vacuums that perform an integral part of a coin car wash Calgary NW also requires maintenance and care for it to function at its optimum capacity. These machines usually perform the all-important task of ensuring complete clean-up of your auto. However, if not maintained properly, these machines could start to malfunction and cause serious problems with respect to a car wash. Also, it should be noted that poorly maintained machines would fail to function if they are affected either by dust or other related causes.

Optimal Functionality of a Coin Car wash

Listed below are some important machine parts that require regular maintenance to ensure that they operate smoothly and easily.

  1. Most vacuums that are coin –operated usually have two motors. These motors enjoy a good life span and can be used on a number of occasions before needing a replacement. Also, these are pretty reasonable and are not too expensive to replace. However, it is advised to change both the motors at a time to ensure better functioning. You also have the option of replacing it with a three motor vacuum, which will ensure even better performance. However, always opt for the oval shaped variety as it saves space.
  2. Carbon brushes, which are found in vacuum motors can cause them to stop functioning gradually due to excessive use. These carbon brushes experience a high degree of wear and tear especially if they are used quite regularly at a wash station. In fact, if used more than 5 times a day, they need to be inspected at least once a month. However, always remember to securely fasten the motors ensuring proper suction while inspecting these brushes.
  3. Sometimes it is possible for you to find dirt around the motors. When this happens, it usually means that the filter has not been cleaned properly or there must have been some other technical problem. It should be noted that if this occurs, the motor could well malfunction after using a couple of times, which could in turn prove fatal and also incur huge replacement expenses. Therefore, always ensure that the filters of the motor are always cleaned by blasting them or using a brush.


Coin Car wash
Ensure maintaining the vacuum thoroughly as it helps it to look good. Always make it a point to clean the vacuum or replace it if they seem to develop holes following constant use. The hose attached to the vacuum is also susceptible to dirt and grime; therefore, always ensure that the hose is kept clean with regular maintenance. There are a host of items that could clog the hose during a routine car wash, so it is advisable to undertake regular hose servicing.

Therefore, it can be safely said that the services provided by a coin car wash Calgary NW can offer best results only if the vacuum and other equipment of the same are maintained equally.