Unfortunately, no car owners can keep their car like when it was in the showroom. Despite routine cleaning, the car loses its shine and attracts dirt and dust faces more challenges. One of the most disheartening problems among all is the issue of swirl marks. These are stubborn marks on the car that can easily spoil the look of the car and despite efforts sometimes the car owners are not able to get rid of these marks. Thus, if you are someone whose car has got swirl marks on it must be very worrying, and explains why you are here. However, you should not be worried because, like most problems with cars, these marks can also be removed with the help of expert detailers.

So, although there are a lot of DIY solutions available for removing swirl marks from a car, you must remember that since the car is a precious asset, you must avail help from professionals. If you are in Calgary, make sure you contact the best detailers offering car detailing in Calgary.

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What are Swirl Marks?

Swirl marks are frequent flaws on vehicles that appear circular in the pattern. These marks are micro-marring and under the microscope these show as scratches. These scratches cannot be felt on touch and that explains these are very fine. Thus, although just like scratches, these will not disappear easily, it is also true that with the application of the right techniques you can get rid of them. Now let’s check out some of the causes of swirl marks.

Causes of Swirl Marks on Car

One of the most common reasons for swirl marks is using incorrect car cleaning and washing technique. So, if you are using the wrong techniques to wash the car, you may find swirl marks appearing on your car’s body. Thus, it is important to use the right techniques while cleaning and washing the car. Besides, other factors cause swirl marks on the car. For instance;

  • Polishers/buffers using an incorrect pad or an untrained operator
  • Use of rough paint cleaners and paint cleaners
  • Use towels and applicators that contain polyester threads
  • Using a dirty chamois
  • Wiping a dirty car using a dry towel
  • Automated car washes with brush and other wipers that are not car-friendly and dirty
  • Not rinsing the car entirely before washing

Avoiding these points will help your car to stay protected and not get swirl marks on it. However, if your car has got swirl marks on it, then make sure to visit the best detailer. Now, if you live in Calgary, then get in touch with a top auto detailing in Calgary service provider.

Solutions to Get Rid of Swirl Marks from Car

When it comes to swirl marks, it is best to take your car to a car detailer for the best solution. This is because one of the best ways to get rid of swirl marks on the car is to polish the car. Application of glazes and other methods may cover the swirls on the car but they will not remove them or fix them permanently. Polishing on the other hand offers a permanent solution.

Polishing: Car polishes contain abrasives, thus, helps to remove the paint layer from the car revealing the underneath new layer. Thus, allowing to effectively remove the light scratches from the car. Also, car polishing helps to even the uneven surface of the car, and gives the car a new shine and gloss.

You must keep in mind that for proper results the car detailer must use the right techniques while polishing your car. So, you must take your car to an expert car detailer. If you stay in Calgary, then make sure you visit a leading car detailer in Calgary.


This is all that you need to know about swirl marks. So, hopefully it is clear to you that firstly it is wise to avoid swirl marks on your car. However, in case your car gets these marks, you should not worry because professionals can help you to get rid of them with the above-mentioned solution. So, if you are someone whose car has got swirl marks on it, then make sure to immediately address the issue by taking it to your nearby car detailer service provider who offers the right solution. In case, you are looking for a service provider offering car detailing in Calgary, who can offer the best solution, you can get in touch with Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Center. To reach out to us dial 403-247-8338.