There’s nothing quite like the feeling of driving a brand-new car for the first time or showing off the results of a fresh paint job. But the minute a newly colored car hits the road, bugs, grime, dirt, and rocks can chip away at that sleek look quite quickly. In just a few drives, that gleaming color can start to lose its charm.

Many new vehicle owners opt for waxes or sealants to get ahead of any potential spots and stains. But if you drive your car at high speeds, spend a lot of time commuting, or live in cold areas where salt is spread for traction, these quick solutions won’t do much to protect against physical damage like chips, scuffs, or scratches. And once a car’s paint begins to suffer damage, there’s no way to restore the original look of the vehicle.

Enter Paint Protection Film, a tough layer of protection designed to protect the surface of your vehicle from damage caused by external debris.

Let’s take a look at why PPF is quickly becoming the industry standard for paint protection.

paint protection film in Calgary

What is Paint Protection Film?

PPF, or paint protection film, is a clear but rugged material made of urethane that’s applied to a car’s paint to protect it from rocks, chips, scratches, and other physical threats.

Professional dumbbells and weight plates in gyms are also coated with urethane. Due to its toughness, urethane can handle constant drops. It’s tough enough to keep iron from being damaged. The example demonstrates its tensile strength.

This strong and clear film adds an additional layer of protection to the paint on the car that waxes, and other sealants can’t provide. It’s thicker than other pain protection solutions, but thick enough to protect the integrity of your car’s aesthetic look.

Just like a phone’s screen protector, it shields the paint from external debris. This is especially useful in cities with cold weather where gravel and salt are used to create traction. As well as preventing scratches and chips. PPF Calgary provides protection from these winter particles hitting vulnerable areas of the vehicle.

You Will Love This Case Study & an Interesting Story

The truth is incomplete without an anecdote or a case study. While we have many stories to tell, this one is particularly interesting because it shows the cost benefits of PPF Calgary.

So here it is. Once upon a time, one of our customers had partial PPF coverage on their BMW X5. Their favorite aspects of PPF were its gloss, dirt repellent topcoat, and invisible protection.

As they were enjoying their new car, a traffic cone scratched the bumper of the vehicle badly. They thought they’d have to change the bumper, which would cost $5000 or more. Once we removed the PPF, the paint underneath was pristine. After seeing the merits of PPF, they decided to wrap their entire car with clear PPF.

Imagine the long-term cost savings of PPF if one instance can save you that much.

paint protection film in Calgary

Why Choose Paint Protection Film?

PPF is one of the safest solutions in the vehicle protection market.

The protective film is precisely cut at your local shop to fit and install and can be removed without damaging your vehicle’s original paint. It’s thin, flexible, and made with a unique adhesive substance that reliably bonds to your car’s surface. And unlike cheap adhesives, PPF doesn’t become sticky to the touch and remains waterproof over time.

PPF is a logical choice for many types of drivers – if you commute long distances, spend time on gravel or low-quality roads, or live in a snowy area, your car’s paint job stands to benefit from PPF’s protective qualities.

Conclusion: Next Steps

Yes, paint protection film is worth the investment since it will save the car owner money in the long run. Once a car’s paint begins to chip away or suffer scratches, there’s no way to completely restore the original look of the vehicle without repainting. While small repairs can cover the damage, it’s best to get ahead of these potential hazards and apply PFF sooner rather than later. To receive this service in Calgary, contact Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Center at or call 403-247-8338.