Self-serve car wash services enable car owners to independently clean their cars without the help of professionals. However, car owners under this setup have access to professional tools and car cleaners, so they can exercise more control, and achieve the cleanliness that they desire for their cars. That being said, car owners should know how to go about the whole cleaning process perfectly to reap the benefits of such a setup. Many car owners, while using self-serve car washing, forget the time limit, and commit several mistakes. To avoid such silly mistakes, you first have to know what to avoid and the right ways to use them. So, to assist you, we have discussed the top mistakes that you can avoid when using the self-serve car wash service in this blog.
Before you begin, you should be aware that the best outcome from a self-serve car wash is also dependent on the types of facilities available at the unit. So, if you are based in Calgary and looking for such a unit, then you can get into a self-serve car wash in Calgary, but you must first do proper research and then select the best one for the facility.

Now, let’s know what mistakes you should avoid at a self-serve car wash facility.

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Self-Service Car Wash Facility

So, let’s take a look at the top mistakes that you must avoid at the self-serve car washing facility to get the best result.

Moving slowly

One thing that you must always keep in mind while using a self-serve car wash facility is that there is a time limit. So, you cannot wash your car for hours at such a unit; however, you will be given sufficient time within which you can wash your car and make it squeaky clean. So, your approach is to move about the process faster, and for effective cleaning, you need to set priorities. For instance, your priority when using such a service would be to focus on areas where dirt tends to accumulate. Alternatively, you can divide the time equally among different parts if you want to wash the whole car properly.

Not following the right procedure

If you fail to follow the right procedure at such facilities, then no matter what kind of machine you use or the cleaning agents you use, the accumulated dirt, will stay there. Many car owners forget to wash the tires, and when they notice, the time limit has already passed. So, it should be the first area that must be washed, and then the car owners can move to other areas.
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Forgetting to carry essential tools
When you visit a self-serve car washing unit, you should not forget to carry some of the essential tools, like your own brushes and mitts. Commonly, many car owners commit the mistake of using all the tools provided by the facility. While that is okay, at some such units the brushes and mitts are not clean, as very few car owners wash the tools after using them. So, usually, they stay unclean and can leave marks and stains on your car when used.

Not drying the car in the right manner

Drying a car properly is as important as cleaning it properly. Improperly drying a car can harm it as droplets can be left behind and can leave ugly water spots on the car. Thus, make sure you dry the car in an expert-suggested way. For example, by using a microfiber towel, you can absorb the excess water, and then you can naturally leave it to dry under a shade.

Skip cleaning the car wheels

Cleaning car wheels is important, as these parts of the car generally attract a lot of dust, dirt, and grime. If you don’t wash this area properly, your car can easily get exposed to corrosion, rust, and more damage. So, make sure you use the opportunity effectively and with the right force to get rid of the dirt and dust completely.
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Using self-serve car washing can offer many benefits. However, one needs to know the right way to use it. Many just blindly follow the steps and end up with poor results. So, before you visit the self-serve car washing unit the next time, you should not commit the above-mentioned mistake and follow what has been suggested by experts here. Now, if you live in Calgary and are looking for the best self-serve car wash in Calgary, you can visit Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Center. To reach them, dial 403-247-8338. You can also email us at