There are many people who find using self-service or coin car wash a really intimidating prospect. However, generally these places are quite reliable and professional and a little know-how will make anybody feel a lot more confident when operating the equipment. These car washes are self-serve, ensuring that you can save quite a few dollars but still you will be left with a sparkling clean car.
Self Serve Car Wash

Here are some tips to make sure that you reap the most out of the facility.

  • When you drive inside a bay make sure that the car is located right at the center, away from the walls. There should be enough space for you to walk around the car.
  • There are some machines which do not say the minutes allotted for the money like vacuums. In that case it is best to start small. Put a loonie to see how far it can make you go. The first round should be timed so that you can calculate your speed when going for the second round.
  • A wheel cleaner should be brought and your wheels should be sprayed down so that brake dust can be loosened before you enter the bay. When you run the initial soap stage, the rest of the brake dust can be loosened through blasting.
  • There are rug shampoo services in some car washes which should be considered in case there are spilled foods or stains inside.
  • You could bring good bills that can be change for loonies and toonies or you can get change on debit or credit card in front office. The in bay coin mechanism retro’s only accepts loonies, toonies and credit cards.
  • A basic initial deposit is needed by a few car washes. They give warnings when the end of the timer is reached so that single loonie can be added to get some more time. If you do not need the entire time that can be got from the deposit then this comes as very handy.
  • The car should be vacuumed first before you wash. Otherwise when trying to vacuum wet cars, you will get the vacuum hose wet and the dirty water will surely mess your car’s inside.
  • High pressure sprays should be avoided in engine bays. For cleaning underneath the vehicle and the insides of wheel bays, power wash cycle can be used.
  • For carpeted floor mats, pressure washer should not be used since a huge period of time is needed for them to dry.
  • While using high pressure, be careful of paint or rust damages since magnetic signs, bumper stickers and paint may be lifted from cars during that period.
  • When you spray the car with high pressure washer you should be careful; stand back and avoid applying pressure directly. There should be a respectable distance from the car. In fact, even tires may be vulnerable since the oscillating pressure is focused which may damage the belts or cords of the sidewalls.
  • In case you want to use extra options like engine or tire cleaners be very careful and do exactly as directed since the car paint may be harmed.
  • When you wash your car during winter a lot of constitution is needed. The water sprayed on the car may begin freezing almost as soon as it hits the car which creates a thick icy crust which may have to be scrapped off on completion of the wash. Gloves should be worn so that the skin can be protected from the icy cold.

Armed with these tips, you will hopefully be able to handle the cleaning by yourself situation a lot better. In fact, with experience you will start feeling comfortable and take advantage of the simple and affordable coin car wash.