Most people are of the notion that solely regular cleaning can make your car look as good as new. Well, you cannot be more wrong in this scenario. Comprehensive car care involves regular washing and thorough auto detailing at least twice every year. As you take your vehicle to professionals like Happy Bays for auto detailing in Calgary, you can ensure it stays in mint condition, thereby increasing its market price. So, today, let’s check out how you can enhance the detailing servicing for your car and take it to the next level!

1 Let’s Talk about Bug Removal

First off, whenever you care for your vehicle, removing bugs from the surface gets the utmost importance. While you might have heard about pre-washing the surface, you must be performing it only in the winter season to get rid of the snow. Well, pre-wash is important any time of the year. It softens the acidic content left over by the bug splatter on the vinyl wraps and paintwork before you work your way to clean them off the surface. This also effectively decreases the chances of dragging any debris across the surface, thereby saving a lot of swirl marks in the process. 

2 Take Care of the Rusty Spots

If we speak about the most stubborn, common, harsh, yet irritating contaminants you come across while cleaning your vehicle, ferrous metal embedded in the paint falls on top of the list. This is unavoidable because it happens from the hot brake dust floating in the air. However, the metal contamination can bring premature oxidation and ageing in lighter vehicles and present itself in the form of ugly rust spots on the surface. As you take your detailing game up a notch and visit a professional facility for auto detailing in Calgary, you can use their rust protection services that will work towards cleaning the area, applying a coat of paint on it, and then adding a layer of rust protecting spray so that your car remains safe.

3 Claying & Waxing makes all the Difference

Claying, as we know it, is ideal for the front end of your car. But, if you think closely, claying pulls away all the contaminants from the surface, such as tree sap, bugs, protein and mineral deposits, and even bird droppings to make it look as smooth as possible. This makes it one of the most important steps for the entire detailing process. As you visit a renowned facility like Happy Bays for car detailing in Calgary, you can get your hands on top-quality clay that can help you decontaminate the surface easily. As you are looking to make the most impact on the vehicle, you need to opt for waxing services as well. Waxing can deep-clean the layers of paint by removing oxidization and light defects. 

4 Ceramic Protection is Crucial at This Stage

If you are a regular driver, waxing might not seem enough for the safety of your vehicle, and that’s okay. This is because you have a ceramic coating to save the day. It not only shields the paintwork on your car from the dirt and grime but also reserves the high-shine gloss of the surface. Such ceramic coatings, made specifically from Silica, a major component found in glass, ensure that it chemically bonds to the surfaces to create a durable extremely hard glass-like layer for protection. This layer is impermeable to water and thus, keeps your vehicle looking younger for a long time. 

Conclusion: Believe it or not, the way you care for your car is directly visible through the vehicle condition, thereby keeping its market price high. Happy Bays Car Wash is a well-known facility that offers car detailing in Calgary at attractive rates. With top packages to choose from, you can customize your service as per requirements. To know more on the subject, feel free to get in touch with the team at Happy Bays today.