A car is one of the most precious possessions that defines your lifestyle. Though everything about owning and driving your ride seems entertaining, the maintenance part is loathed by many of the car owners. There are lots of work that remain unnoticed but have much to do with the proper maintenance of your car. Changing oil, checking brakes and suspension, inflating tires are alright, but these constitute only a part of your overall car maintenance.

There is a substantial quantum of work that needs to be done to ensure the proper functioning of your car. Among the various measures to be undertaken, auto detailing takes a prominent place. You might come to think that why is it so important to detail your car? You might also doubt the effectiveness of an auto-detailing in Calgary.

Well, apparently it might seem that car detailing is just another set of procedures to boost the appearance of your car but in real, there are a number of benefits that you should consider.

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So what is it all about auto-detailing?

People often think that car detailing essentially deals with paint jobs, vinyl, and decors but that is not everything. Lots of things fall under car detailing in Calgary. The most essential part of it includes an exhaustive cleaning of both the interior and exterior of the car. However, car detailing may vary depending on the professional and you are most likely to witness some of the common treatments falling under it.

The exterior treatments include:

  • Wash and dry – Washing and drying are the primary processes of auto-detailing that are carried out by professionals. The washing process is initiated by a high-powered wash and followed by a mild hand-washing process. The step cleans the exterior of the car and giving it a whole new look.
  • Overspray removal –  In this step, the professionals use a clay bar to remove any marks of overspray and other particles that do not go with normal washing.
  • Polishing – A car normally loses its shine over time and the best way to restore its original look is through polishing.
  • Wax and sealing – Before finishing the detailing process, the detailer uses a sealant and sometimes wax to bring a glossy look to the car.

The interior treatments include:

  • Vacuum cleaning – Interior cleaning is usually initiated by vacuum cleaning. All interior parts of a car are subjected to vacuum cleaning including the trunk and the glove compartment.
  • Intense cleaning – This step includes a series of rigorous cleaning sessions to restore the interior of your car to its pristine looks. The floor mats receive a thorough cleaning with the application of brush and scrub. In this step, all the stain and dirt are removed effectively from the upholstery.
  • Wiping – Certain interior areas like windows, doors, dashboards and windshields require deep wiping. The detailer usually wipes such areas with a clean wipe soaked in a cleaning agent.
  • Checking the odour – The final step to bring an end to detailing is checking for any odour inside the car. If the car lacks a good fragrance inside, the detailer would spray an air freshener.

What is Eco-friendly car detailing?

Most of the car detailing processes involve the use of natural resources like water and primary energy sources like electricity. Moreover, car detailing utilises various products that are environmentally harmful. Such products contain ammonia, different chemicals and volatile organic compounds. These pollutants contaminate the waterways at the time of washing the car.

Eco-friendly car wash in Calgary involves the use of equipment and methods that are not harmful to our environment. This type of washing is done strictly in a way to preserve water and not waste it. Professionals who provide Eco-friendly car washing do not waste natural resources and on top of that, use products which are not harmful to our environment. Some professionals also provide dry wash as required, thereby restricting water usage.

Why is car detailing necessary?

The primary and most obvious benefit of car detailing is getting back a clean and new looking car. Besides that, travelling in a clean car is important for your health as it may be the home to a number of microscopic organisms leading to health hazards. Therefore, a clean car promotes good health.

Other benefits include:

  • Improved resale value
  • Enhanced personality
  • Improved social impression, and more.

Conclusion: A clean and new looking car is necessary for various reasons but what is more important is choosing the right professional to deal with the detailing of your car. An efficient and reputed professional will not only make your car look brand new but also keep the environmental issues in mind.