Every car owner knows that the secret to owning a glamorous car years after years is following a systematic maintenance schedule. It should include monthly car washing or car detailing. While many people tend to think car washing and auto detailing in Calgary in Calgary are one and the same thing, ironically there are differences in both. Car washing is done to clean just the exteriors while car detailing provides both exterior and interior car cleaning.

Let us look at some important facts about car detailing:

What is car detailing?

Car detailing is the specialized cleaning procedure where professional car detailers perform detailing services using premium cleaning products and tools. The main aim of car detailing is restoring the lost glow and glam of your car and removing all the scratches and marks present on the exterior of your vehicles.

What are the types of car detailing?

Car or auto detailing are of two types:

  •  Exterior detailing- Your car is cleaned from the outside in a step-wise manner. It includes vacuuming, cleaning with chemicals, drying, polishing, buffing and waxing. The exterior of your car comprises the wheels, windows, tires and others. All these components are cleaned efficiently by the professionals using quality car cleaning chemicals, tools and methods.
  •  Interior car detailing– Most car owners pay emphasis only to exterior detailing and overlook the necessity of taking their car for interior car cleaning in Calgary. Here the interiors are cleaned and the condition is restored like when you first purchased the car. Your car interior is composed of various materials like vinyl, fiber, leather and others. All these materials require different techniques and materials to clean them.

Now let us look in details about both interior and exterior detailing.

Interior detailing

You surely wouldn’t want to flaunt a car with a clean exterior but a dirty interior. Also, interior detailing is a little time-consuming than exterior detailing since there are so many parts to clean. The various techniques involved in interior detailing are:

Vacuuming– Interior car cleaning starts with this step in which the seats, trunk, shelf and headliners are vacuumed. Even the floor mats are vacuumed and washed. The difficult to reach areas are cleaned using an air compressor.

Steam cleaning- The carpets and floor mats are scrubbed to remove stains and then steam-cleaning is done to clean the carpets more effectively.

Cleaning the glass– a glass cleaning chemical is used to make the glass spotless and sparkling.

Cleaning the leather- To clean all the leather parts, a leather soap and cleaner is used. If there is any excess soap, it is wiped off with a wet cloth.

Final wiping– After all the procedure is done, the car interior is finally wiped with a damp cloth to remove any leftover residue and dirt.

Deodorizing- In the end, a car perfume/deodorizer is used to make the car interior smell fresh.

 Exterior detailing

Exterior car detailing involves the cleaning of the exterior parts of the car. The steps involved are:

Washing the exterior– The dirt and grime are removed by applying soap and car cleaning agents. After leaving it for a while, it is washed off. Exterior detailing is done manually unlike car wash in Calgary.

Using clayAfter washing and drying the exterior, using a clay bar is important to remove any leftover dirt or residue.

Polishing the exterior– Your car must have lost its sheen compared to what it had when you first purchased it. Polishing helps to restore the lost shine.

Applying sealant/wax- This final steps adds more shine to your car and also protects your car from getting damaged by the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Conclusion- So if you want your car to remain clean and functional for the forthcoming years, it is advisable to go for a coin car wash in Calgary NW and auto detailing twice a month.