Self-serve car wash service options best suit car owners as it allows them to clean their cars themselves. With the help of professional tools, car owners have more control and achieve the quality of cleaning they want for their cars. However, many car owners using self-serve car washing facilities often forget that they are limited by time. Therefore, they realise towards the end they have made vital mistakes. So, if you are a car owner and want to know what mistakes you should avoid while using the self-serve car washing service, then read this blog.

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Self-Serve Car Wash Service

What is Self-Serve Car Wash Service?

A self-serve car wash or coin car wash is a car cleaning facility that is available in a car washing center, where you pay using coins and are allowed to wash the car yourself. Here you get to use all the professional equipment and decide which parts need the most attention and accordingly wash your car. However, you are time-bound and do not have all the time in the world to wash the car.

Top Mistakes You Must Avoid at Self-Serve Car Wash Facility

Here are some of the common mistakes you should not commit.

Not moving quickly

At the self serve car washing facility you will not get a lot of time to wash your car. You have to use the service efficiently within the amount of time that you have. Therefore, firstly know your priorities such as whether you want to focus on a certain part more or think that the whole car needs equal attention. If you want to focus on certain parts then give more time to that part. On the other hand, if you want to clean the whole car then make sure you move fast. You can always start by cleaning the tires and then move from roof to downwards.

Forgetting to bring your tools

Some tools that you must not forget to bring with you are mitts and brushes. Generally, everyone using the self-serve washing service is in a hurry and thus, leaves the bay without cleaning the mitts and brushes. Instead of wasting time cleaning those mitts and brushes, you can bring your own tools and give a quality wash to your car.

Skipping the car wheel arches

If you want to ensure that your car’s most important parts stay clean, you must first clean the wheel arches. These areas of the car attracted a lot of grime, debris and road salt. So, even though you have limited time at the self-serve unit, washing the wheel arches will not take huge time. This is because the professional tools you are designed to have the right force and can eliminate the dirt effectively.

Not following proper cleaning procedure

To achieve quality cleaning, you must follow a proper procedure. Most car owners often carefreely wash their vehicles and they miss important parts like the tires. Thus, you can first clean the tires and thereafter move to the car roof and move downwards while washing.

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Not drying the car properly

After washing if you don’t dry your car properly, then you may end up harming the car. Drying properly helps to ensure that there are no water droplets on the car, which can leave marks on the car.

Conclusion A self-serve car washing facility is best used when you know how to use it effectively. Noting down these above-mentioned mistakes and avoiding them while using the self-serving car washing system will help you considerably. Now, if you are searching for a good self-serve car wash in Calgary facility then you can visit Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Center. To contact, dial 403-247-8338 or email us at