Every car owner knows that it is impossible to avoid car scratches and they have to deal with these ugly marks even if they hate doing that. Car scratches not only spoil the appearance of the car but also, expose the car to rust. Therefore, it is important to take the right action at the right time and fix the scratches as early as possible. Many car owners think that all car scratches are the same but that is not the case. There are many types of car scratches and different ways to fix them. If you are a car owner, know everything from this blog.

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What are the different types of car scratches?

Generally, car scratches can be categorized into three different types. Let’s take a look.

  • Clearcoat scratches
  • Paint or base coat scratches
  • Primer coat scratches

Clearcoat scratches

Clearcoat is the topmost layer of car paint that is applied on top of the car paint. The clear coat acts as a protective layer and helps to protect the paint from external factors such as heat and UV rays, As applied on top of all the layers, it is most exposed to scratches and thus, this type of scratches is impossible to avoid and is very common. Improper washing and touching paint with hands cause such scratches.

How to fix them?

Although clear coat scratches can easily appear on the car’s paint, they can be easily treated. The following ways help to remove clear coat scratches.

  • Polishing the car: Car polishing with the help of rotary polishing machines you can easily remove light to medium clear coat scratches.
  • Applying wax or sealant: With the help of waxing, you can cover the clear coat scratches. However, they will not remove them like car polishing.

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Paint or base coat scratches

The base or paint coat is just underneath the clear coat. It is one of the thinnest layers of paint that provide the colour to a car. Although protected by a clearcoat, the base coat can get scratches, when the scratch penetrates through the clear coat. Key scratches and light accidents can cause such scratches.

How to fix them?

When your car gets base coat scratches, the metal beneath the car paint can get exposed to external contaminants and thereafter, rusting can develop. Thus, they need immediate expert attention. Professional fixes the base coat scratches in different ways.

  • Car polishing: Car polishes are made up of abrasive properties that help to eliminate the base coat scratches and even the surface.
  • Car repainting: After polishing, you must opt for a repainting service to give back the car its former look.
  • Spraying clear coat: Clear coat will help to protect the base coat from direct contact with scratches and acts as a protective layer

Primer scratches

Primer is a layer coat that protects the body of the car (mainly the metal underneath) from rusting. Scratches that penetrate the clear and base coat reach the primer are called primer layer scratches. Understandably these are the deepest scratches. Car accidents, car doors hitting other cars can cause such scratches.

How to fix them?

These scratches must be treated immediately as the part that is damaged can be exposed to rusting soon. Experts use the following steps to repair them.

  • Dry sanding or wet sanding the car body
  • Application of body filler
  • Apply a coat of high-quality primer
  • Repaint the car
  • Apply clear coat

If you think your car has got primer scratches, then it is wise to take your car to the experts. If you are in Calgary and need help, you can get in touch with top car detailing in Calgary NW professionals.

Take away

These are the types of car scratches that your car can get and solutions to treat them. Experts suggest that car owners should immediately treat car scratches with the help of professionals. So, if your car has got scratches, and if you want to cure them, then you can get in touch with leading car detailing in Calgary professionals from Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Center. To contact, dial 403-247-8338 or email us at info@happybays.ca.