Car Wash & More: How to Get Your Car Ready for a Road Trip

Planning a road trip where you will drive your car for endless hours sounds fun and exciting. But before you go out with your car, you need to check your vehicle to ensure a safe road trip and there are no issues with your car that could mar the trip! Only after you check your car and find everything to be perfectly fine, you can turn on the radio and enjoy the breeze sweeping across your face while you drive on an empty highway.

Do you need to take your vehicle for car detailing in Calgary before a road trip? Will a car wash service make my car ready for the road trip? We will focus on the various checks to make on your car before setting out for a road trip.

  1. Window: When you are going for a road trip, you want to see the outside very clearly. Moreover, clean windows are necessary to have a clear view while driving. So if your car windows display streaks and hard water stains, it is time to get those dirty windows washed. Go for coin car wash a day before and bring home a car with squeaky clean windows!
  1. Engine oil: See the oil level, if the pointer is towards the empty sign, it is time to change your oil. You don’t want your vehicle to run out of oil, right? So fill in the fuel tank of your vehicle and make it ready for the long ride. It is important to know that there is no use in over-filling your car’s oil tank since the sludge from your old oil will not get cleaned. If you are going for auto detailing, you can also get the old filter changed for a smoother performance.
  1. Tires: Having clean tires is important to ensure safety on the road. Tires covered with mud, sticky grime and stubborn dirt, will reduce friction and prevent you from having a smooth drive. Dirty tires are also a danger call for accidents. So get those dirty tires washed properly in any car detailing out. Also, remember to check the air pressure of your car’s tires or else severe consequences may follow anytime, anywhere. Tires have a number marked on them which indicates the maximum amount of air pressure. If the air pressure exceeds this amount, you may suffer a tire blowout and if it is lower, there may be hotter tires and wasted oil. Get the air pressure of your tires checked when you go for car detailing in Calgary.
  1. Fluids: You must remember to check the different fluid levels of your automobile. Oil, windscreen wash levels, oil and coolant are the various fluids used in your car. Make sure the levels of all these fluids are full to avoid any kind of possible on-road accidents.
  1. Air filter: When you supply adequate clean air to the engine, you can witness an improvement in your car’s efficiency and performance. So while getting your car detailed, ask the detailers to clean the air filter and also change the cabin filter if it is worn out to have fresher air inside the car.
  1. Car signals and lights: Car lights and signals play an important role in preventing accidents. While getting your car detailed, ask the detailers to check the indicators, headlights, reverse lights and other car signals, whether they are functioning properly or not. If you are going for a car wash in Calgary, you can ask the professionals to clean the headlight glass if they have become dirty.


Conclusion: Apart from going for a car wash, get your interior car cleaning done properly since you have to spend most of the time inside your car. Road trips are certainly fun and exciting and you don’t want any kind of car problem to come up and spoil your trip. So before you set out with your car, get the above-mentioned car checks done to ensure a happy and safe trip by the road. To know more about our car detailing services, reach us at Happy Bays.