touch free car wash

Among the various types of car washes available today, touch-free car wash is becoming a preferred car care method gradually. This type of car wash is also termed as laser car wash since laser-aided technology is used to remove dirt and grime and enhance your vehicle’s appearance. Dirt, grime and mud are effectively removed from your car’s exterior with the help of powerful laser beams that target the particular portions of your vehicle. By availing touch-free car wash, you neither have to be concerned about cleaning your car with rough cloths and harsh cleaning chemicals nor integrating improper cleaning methods.

What happens in a touch-free car wash system?

Your car is first sprayed with hot water mixed with a pre-soak solution which works to remove the dirt and grime preliminarily.

  1. Car soap is applied all over your car to remove dirt and grime effectively from each portion.
  2. After entering the wash bay, your vehicle is cleaned with a high-pressure spot-free rinse.
  3. At the end, a triple-foaming polish is applied to your car exterior to make your vehicle shine as bright as a star.

Why is it called ‘touch-free’ car wash?

In the standard type of car wash, brush and other tools touch the vehicle to clean it. But since this car wash method is ‘touch-free’, as the name implies, the cleaning method is free from all kinds of touches. That is, only water and mild soap solutions are used along with laser technology, to clean the vehicle. It does not involve the use of a brush or any other sharp tools, only high water pressure and cleaning solutions to give you a clean spotless car.

What are the advantages of availing this car wash method?

There are quite a few benefits of opting for a touch-free car wash service from a reputed car wash center. These are:

1. Benefits the environment: Washing your car at home requires more water which cannot be reused later. But in a touch-free car wash system, less amount of water is required and also there is lesser wastage of this resource. Moreover, the car wash facility treats and cleans the water used for washing a vehicle and reuses it for subsequent car washes.

2. No scratches: When you clean your car using stiff brushes or scrub it with sponges, you will often notice small scratches appearing on the painted exterior of your car. This occurs because tiny particles of sand and gravel get trapped in your brush or sponge and when you scrub your car’s exterior with those, scratches result on your car exterior. But in a touch-free car wash system, there is no use of sponge or brush and so the fear of having scratches is also ruled out.

Satisfying results: Touch-free car wash is so popularly availed because of its impressive results. With the use of high pressure water and cleaning solutions (and no sharp tools), did anyone expect that their car would still look so fantastic without any scratches? All you need to do is take your car to the wash facility, laser beams, high water pressure and cleaning solutions will automatically work to make your car look incredible.

Conclusion: Taking your car for a touch-free car wash service once a week is a great way to extend the life of your investment. Besides, this car wash type is affordable and its efficiency remains unsurpassed. To try our touch-free car wash in Calgary, call us on 403-247-8338.