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Auto Detailing in Calgary

4 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Auto Detailing

Car owners become attached to their cars right after they purchase them, and they want their cars to stay the same forever.



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A Professional Guide to Protect Your Car’s Paint

Preserving car paint is one of the biggest challenges that car owners face. Shiny car exteriors, without car scratches, paint botches, bird droppings, and watermarks are what every car owner wants, however, are not able to avoid them.



Automatic Car Wash Calgary

Wax Vs. Ceramic Coating- What Should You Consider For Your Car?

Ceramic coating and wax are applied to the car to protect the car paint from getting damaged. However, often we have observed that one is preferred to the other by car owners. Some opt for waxing, while some select ceramic coating.



Emerging Trend in Car Detailing & Washes

Emerging Trend in Car Detailing & Washes

With the rise in global temperatures, there is an increasing incidence of droughts and destruction. This has led to an increasing need for water conservation.



Top Trends in Car Wash Industry

5 Car Wash Trends For 2018 That is Changing The Industry

According to the data published in Road And Travel Magazine, vehicle owners in Canada spent almost $20 billion every year. Various reports on environment state that pollution and acid rain have led the car owners to seek more car washing services.