Ceramic coating and wax are applied to the car to protect the car paint from getting damaged. However, often we have observed that one is preferred to the other by car owners. Some opt for waxing, while some select ceramic coating. Is there any major difference between the two? Let experts known for best Automatic Car Wash Calgary help you to understand more about these two popular techniques of car paint protection.

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What is ceramic coating and waxing?

Let us dive in to gather complete knowledge of these two ways of paint protection;  

What is Professional Car Wax?

Professional car wax is a liquid substance, available both as natural and synthetic paint protectors. This, when applied to the car’s paint after a detailed car wash, provides a thick layer of protection to the car’s paint. Additionally, it also adds a beautiful shine to the car paint.

Car waxes can be both natural and synthetic products. The natural wax product contains carnauba and other natural substances, while the synthetic wax contains various polymers.  

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a paint protecting chemical substance made from liquid polymer. After the application of the ceramic coating, it hardens to protect the paint from any damage and adds to the paint shine. The formula of this application varies from brand to brand.

Ceramic coatings are synthetic products and are manufactured using; silicone, titanium dioxide, water and other products. However, there are many other ceramic coatings manufactured from various formulas available in the market.

What is the difference between Waxing and Ceramic Coating?

Under different factors, let us study these two substances to achieve a proper understanding;


Both wax and ceramic coating substances are widely available in the market. Previously, since some car waxes are naturally-extracted, it was more readily available, however, this gap has closed now.

Under professional paint protection Auto Detailing Calgary service, both these techniques are available and you don’t have to worry about any of its availability.

Protection level

Since both wax and ceramic coating are made up of different substances, the protection level varies. A synthetic ceramic coating may appear more sturdy and durable than car waxing, however, this depends on the quality of the products used and how professionally it has been applied.

Under Auto Detailing Calgary service, professionals use high-quality products and follow the top application procedure to protect the paint of the car.

Natural waxes like carnauba, extracted from palm leaves, offer a high amount of protection from UV rays and great resistance even from slight scratches.

Synthetic car waxes also provide a great amount of protection to the car paint. However, it can be more resilient in protecting the car paint, than natural waxes.

Ceramic coating products are manufactured to offer a higher level of protection to car paint. However, low quality ceramic coating products that are readily available in the market and DIY applications don’t offer, effective protection to the car paint. Ceramic coating just like car waxing is a professional area and needs thoroughly professional application skills.


Opting for waxing or ceramic coating depends on what the car owner enjoys. Often the car owners who frequently wash their cars prefer waxing to ceramic coating.

On the other hand, car owners who have expensive cars have been observed to prefer ceramic coating to wax their cars.

Final Words

As we can see, both waxing and ceramic coating have their own set of benefits. Here we have tried to help you understand, under professional Auto Detailing Calgary service, whether waxing or ceramic coating is a better option for you as a car owner. However, considering different factors into account, ultimately it is the car owner’s choice that matters. You may contact Happy Bays Car Wash & Detail Centre to know more about car wax and ceramic coating, by sending a mail at info@happybays.ca.