Preserving car paint is one of the biggest challenges that car owners face. Shiny car exteriors, without car scratches, paint botches, bird droppings, and watermarks are what every car owner wants, however, are not able to avoid them. Moreover, over time the car paint loses the shine and starts fading and looks nothing like when it was new. However, the good news is that with proper maintenance and certain services such as waxing, polishing and car washing, car owners can preserve the car’s paint. So, if you are a car owner and want to know, how you can protect your car’s paint, then here are some of the recommended ways that you can follow. Also, if you are a resident of Calgary and looking for car washing and other services, then you can visit a leading service provider offering the best car wash in Calgary and also car detailing services.

Now, let’s check out some of the ways that can help to protect the car’s paint.

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Regular car wash

One of the best ways you can preserve the shiny paint on your car is by washing your car thoroughly on a weekly basis. Washing a car regularly helps to remove the dirt, dust, road salt, bird droppings and other elements that can harm the car paint if allowed to stay there for a long time. Thus, make sure that you properly clean the car with the right tools and equipment.

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Car drying

Always ensure that you dry your car properly and that too by using the right equipment. Many make the mistake of letting their cars dry naturally. However, that should be strictly avoided as drying the car naturally just after washing can leave water spots on it and waste your effort. Instead what you must do is use micro fiber towels as they absorb the water from the car and then let it dry.

Car polishing

If your car’s paint is uneven or has got botched, then car polishing can help to protect it. Car polishes have abrasive properties that help to scrape off the surface layer of the paint and therefore lift the spots, and scratches and make the car paint even.

Car waxing

Applying a coat of wax over the car’s paint is one of the most effective ways to preserve your car’s paint. A good wax generally lasts from eight to ten months and even more and protects the car’s paint from harmful effects of UV rays, scratches, contaminants and dust. It even protects the car from water spots as it repels rainwater. Thus, you can avail a good waxing service to protect your car’s paint.

Ceramic coating

A clear coat of ceramic applied over the paint helps to protect the car’s paint for a long time as it acts as a barrier between the car’s body and external contaminants. The ceramic coating is made up of liquid polymer, which when applied offers great protection.


These are some of the ways that you can follow to ensure that your car’s paintwork gets the best maintenance and protection. However, to preserve your car’s paint for a long period of time, make sure that you avail the above-mentioned services from the best professionals. If you are searching for a great automatic car wash in Calgary, then you can visit Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Center. Contact them at 403-247-8338 or email at