The exterior part of a car is a matter of great concern to car owners because to them no matter how old their cars is, it should turn heads and have the showroom shine. Unfortunately, car scratches, dings, exposure to pollution and ultraviolet rays over time spoil the car’s appearance and the exterior loses its charm. While car waxing can help you to protect your car’s exterior from minor scratches and dings, investing in a 3M paint protection film can help you to get that superior car paint protection. It will not only help to preserve the car shine for an extended period of time but also, delay the depreciation to a great extent. So, if you want to know more about 3M paint protection film especially, how it can help to protect your car, then read this blog. We have shared all the points here that you need to know about the 3M paint protection film.

How 3M Paint Protection Film Work?

3M paint protection films are designed to extend protection to the car’s paint from issues like deep car scratches, paint fading, ultraviolet rays and more damaging agents. This way it helps to preserve the car exterior and enhance the resale value.

How 3M Paint Protection Film is Beneficial?

Let’s check out the reasons;

Protects against corrosion and chemicals

Elements such as rainwater can leave permanent water spots and stains on your car paint and road salt can easily eat away car paint and lead to rust and corrosion. Installing a 3M paint protection film can help you to protect your car’s paint from such damaging elements as it has many layers and the layers work to provide superior protection from contaminants and don’t allow them to penetrate and reach the paint layer.

Offers temperature resistance

One of the harmful elements that cause great damage to the car exterior is heat. The heat if reaches the paint layer can cause photo-degradation and trigger the chemical bonds in the car paint to break down resulting in color fading. The 3M paint protection films are equipped with nano-tech and act as a heat shield protecting the car paint from UV rays and also, IR radiation. So, this is why you can get in touch with an authorized 3M film installer and install 3M paint protection film.

Enhance the car’s appearance

Installing a paint protection film not only helps to protect your car’s paint from several damaging elements but also, adds new shine and gloss to the car. It works by bonding with the car paint and helps to repel elements such as dust, water stains and more, thus preserving the appearance of the car.

Increase resale value

Investing in 3M paint protection film can help to preserve the beauty of the car, which is one of the important aspects that car buyers consider very important besides other factors. These paint protection films protect the car from several damages as we have discussed above and can extend the life of your car by many years as once installed it can last as long as 10 years.

Conclusion Installing a 3M paint protection film can help your car in several ways however, in this blog we have introduced you to some of the most important benefits. So, if problems like corrosion, paint fading and other problems are damaging your car exterior you now know how to handle it. Thus, if you are looking for the best authorized 3M film installers in Calgary; you can get in touch with Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Center. Reach out at 403-247-8338 or email us at