With the rise in global temperatures, there is an increasing incidence of droughts and destruction. This has led to an increasing need for water conservation. Hence, when it comes to car detailing in Calgary NW or at other places, we find ourselves considering how it would affect our environment and natural resources. Here we discuss the evolving car wash technologies that are impacting car detailing in Calgary NW and elsewhere.

Emerging Trend in Car Detailing & Washes

The Changing Trend in Car Wash Technology

Nowadays, most commercial car washes are adding everything, including digital payment kiosks, water reclamation as part of their business practices to remain ahead in the competition in these modern times. Now car washes use only 8 to 70 gallons of water per vehicle using water conservation equipment whereas the traditional car washes consume 15 to 85 gallons of water per vehicle.

When it comes to water reclamation technology, professional car washes have been using it for the past three decades, but in recent times, it has gained traction as both lawmakers and manufacturers consider quality control and conservation with high priority. Now conserving water and getting control of water and sewer hookup have been made possible with the available reclamation systems.

To make customer experience easy and quick, newer technology is also being incorporated by commercial car washes. Now payment portals are created to help customers make mobile payments to professional car washes as well as installing automated billing and cleaning schedules. The presence of payment kiosks now has made it possible for consumers to avoid check outline, and there are options to pay in advance online.

Nowadays, there are options to locate reliable car washes using smart devices and compare prices at different car washes as well as read and write reviews online. Many car wash companies are making use of software applications for the efficient running of their business, and do such activities like allocating staff, managing inventory, schedule meetings, assign projects, and run data reports.

Wash Water Recycling

Present day commercial car washes are using below one percent of the water that is used up in a medium or large municipality. When it is drought, it is even possible to reduce the amount of fresh water usage of their business. Water conservation technology remains the most effective way to reduce the water necessary for car washes in a sustained way.

Here is a list of the best equipment available today for car detailing and washes including self serve car wash in Calgary and at other places increase productivity while reducing labour.

Pressure Washers:

Any professional operation to work efficiently requires a pressure washer. You have the choice to go for either a portable unit or a remotely operated unit. The best thing about a remotely operated unit is that you only require to flip a switch and get hold of the spray gun. This is quite advantageous in comparison with a portable unit that requires pulling the portable unit in and out daily. In addition, with the kind of chemicals being used today, it is possible to wash with cold water only without requiring the use of hot water.

Wash bay chemical dispensers:

the need for applying chemicals using a spray bottle to the engine, jambs, vinyl, wheels, and convertible tops is quite irritating. Although a good choice is the use of a 2 or 3 gallon garden sprayer in place of a 32 oz spray bottle, the best option remains the use of a remotely controlled pressure tank that is connected with pipes to a nozzle and application hose in the bay. All that is required to use it is to get hold of the gun and apply the chemical. And the whole process is quick and effortless.

Wash bay sinks:

Now mount sinks placed on or against a wall fitted with a hydro-miner system is a great option to add both water and shampoo automatically once the water reaches a certain level. If this is not a possibility, you can have 55 gallons of water filled barrels. You only need to add some shampoo each day and add water as required. The dirt settles to the bottom of the barrel during the night, which can be emptied and the barrel cleaned.
Before you buy equipment for car detailing in Calgary NW or at other places, find out what you really want to accomplish. This calls for considering the job details to perform, including shampooing, vacuuming interiors, interior cleaning, polishing and waxing paint. All these tasks call for a variety of equipment for a professional detail shop.