People often mistake car washing for car detailing in Calgary, though there are differences between the two. Car detailing includes much more than the normal car washing when it comes to making a vehicle look spick and span both inside and outside.


What Should a Basic Car Service Include

Even though a basic car wash in Calgary does not cost too much money, but the service is required as a part of regular maintenance of the vehicle to prevent untoward incident from happening. Another benefit of regular maintenance services is that it makes picking up problems easy at an earlier stage before the problem actually occurs, requiring you to spend a lot of money on the vehicle to fix the defects at an auto service center.

Here is a rundown on a basic car service:

  •    The engine oil is replaced with new and clean oil for the efficient running of the car.
  •     The oil filter is replaced for the more smooth running of the engine.
  •     The fluids in the clutch, power steering, brake, transmission, and coolant are flushed and changed.
  •     The battery is tested to ensure that it holds its charge without needing replacing till the next service.
  •     A full safety inspection of the vehicle is made to determine if there is any need to replace or fix now or in the future.
  •     The remaining air, pollen, and fuel filters are checked to ensure they do not need replacement.
  •     The transfer case, diff oil, and gearbox are checked.
  •     The wiper blades are checked to find out if they need to be replaced.


How Can I Save On Car Service?

Even though modern cars need fewer maintenance, the costs on replacements and maintenance take up a considerable sum of your wallet. Here are a few smart decisions that will keep your car rolling for less.
Use Regular Fuel for Your Car

Most modern cars can run on regular fuel due to the presence of such features like knock sensors in the engines that automatically adjust the engine’s time for any sign of uncontrolled burning.

Change Oil As You Require

It makes sense to follow the manual’s recommendations without opting for oil additives that simply does not pay off.

Look for Trustworthy Local Mechanic

Instead of flitting from shop to shop, find out a repair shop manager in your locality to fix major repairs. You can actually save a considerable sum in the process.

Considering a Warehouse Store for Your Tires

It pays to keep in touch with a warehouse store for tires. You could save on installation cost by including such services like rotation, balancing, flat repair that otherwise you have to bear when done elsewhere.

Know thy Hybrid

When it comes to starting up your hybrid, get a conventional 12-volt lead acid battery that powers the dome lights, headlights, and radio.

Keep The Right Parts Dry

To prevent wear of the engine, keep the parts of the engine dry. Starting a cold engine results in bulk the wear.

You Can Try Your Local Car Repair Shop as Well

You do not always have to take your car to the dealer, which is often a more expensive proposition; instead, try your local car shop to find out the cost for the same work.

Tire rotation is Important

Although your tires need rotation, as otherwise, they will wear quickly, it would do well to ask your friendly mechanic to do the tire rotation, when you visit the shop for an inspection. And if you purchased your vehicle from a warehouse, they can do the rotation.

Don’t Ignore the Oil Light

The light is somewhat related to the oil level or the interval of an oil change. If it is oil pressure light, it makes sense to pull over the car in minutes, as otherwise there are chances of serious problems cropping up with your car, requiring you to take to your nearest dealer for car wash in Calgary.


A simple following of the above-mentioned car maintenance services goes a long way to keep your car in top running condition without any unexpected hiccups.