Without the car wheels a car is simply nothing. Yet most car owners are reluctant about their car wheels because they look sturdy, and are thought to be strong enough to endure anything for a long time without maintenance. Although the car wheels are designed that way, just like any other parts of the car, they need proper attention. Otherwise, due to wear and tear and brake dust they can lose their strength and even get rust, and then the car owner will have only one option which is to replace them. To prevent such a situation from becoming a reality in your life as a car owner, it is important to understand that you need to take care of your car wheels.

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Top Points to Consider to Take Care of Car Wheels

To ensure that your car wheels are in the best condition and can give you a safe ride, here are a few points that will help you to get a clear idea of how to maintain them.

Challenges faced by car wheels

During car drive when the brake is applied bits and pieces from the brake pad get generated and these stick to the rim. Gradually, these specks of dust form a layer, which gets worse over time. So, it is quite clear that when the brake pad is worn-out during braking, brake dust starts getting accumulated on the car wheel. If this is not treated at the right time, it can soon get exposed to oxidation, and later develop into rust and corrosion.

To prevent this problem timely cleaning is necessary. According to experts, you must base cleaning scheduling on how frequently you are driving the car. However, to be on the safe side, cleaning every week is considered best for your car.

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Steps to protect them

Now, let’s check the steps how professional’s clean car wheels step by step.

Remove loose dust

Professionals first work to get rid of the loose dirt that is settled on the exterior part of the wheel. They use a pressure washer to effectively remove this debris and dirt.

Use a mild scrubber and sponge to scrub the wheel

Then with the help of a car-friendly scrubber, the professionals scrub away the remaining dust and dirt that stubbornly sits on the car wheels.

Use wheel cleaner spray

Thereafter, a superior quality wheel cleaner is sprayed by the professionals on the wheels. This helps to clean the layer of brake dust from the car wheel. These sprays are free from harsh chemicals thus, even if your car wheels are made of alloy, they won’t get damaged. After spraying, this cleaner is left on the wheels’ surface for some time to let the solution get soaked.

Scrubs the wheel with a professional car-friendly brush

After spraying the cleaner the professionals with a car-friendly brush cleans the wheel.

Wash the car wheel and dry

In the next and final step, with a pressure washer or wand washer, the car is washed with water and this wash away all the dirt and dust. Then they dry your car wheel with a micro-fibre cloth.

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The crucial role played by car wheels in a car, makes them very important. You will not be able to ride your car with confidence and safely if your car wheels are dirty, and has brake dust on them. So, it is important to get your car wheels cleaned regularly. If you live in Calgary and are searching for a good car wash in Calgary center, then you can visit Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Center. To contact, dial 403-247-8338.