With time as a car’s newness wears away, the promises most car owners make when buying a new car stand forgotten. This leads to the car receiving less attention from experts, and its problems remain unresolved. It’s only when the car damages are visible to the car owners, that they take seek professional help, however, by that time damage may have become irreversible, and the solution is a car part replacement. Such a situation majorly happens because, most car owners may be aware of the car damages caused by scratches, dings and dents etc., yet about the damages caused by weather elements they may not have any idea. Weather elements act as a silent killer, and can damage a car permanently. To avoid all these problems, a detailing service can be a saviour. How? Read this blog to know.

Now, before we start this blog know that only quality detailing service can help to protect your car from weather elements. So, always contact a good detailer for the service. If you are based in Calgary and need help, then make sure to contact auto detailing in Calgary.

Auto Detailing in Calgary

Top Ways Weather Elements Can Damage Cars that Detailing Can Fix

Check out all the points to get a clear idea.

Exposure to Sun

Exposure to the UV rays of the sun can be harmful for both the car’s exterior and interior. Over time the car paint starts fading due to long exposure to sun heat and UV rays. Similarly, the areas such as the car seats, steering wheel, and dashboard can become brittle, and even crack.

To prevent these problems, and keep your car in the best of health and protected from the sun’s harmful rays, you can opt for detailing services such as regular car washing, vehicle waxing, repainting the car, interior detailing etc.

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Rainwater collects pollutants, so when your car gets exposed to rain you need to wash the car afterwards. Otherwise, if you leave your car like then they know thatafter the rainwater will evaporate it can leave behind a layer of pollutants, which can damage the car’s paint.

So, first of all, to prevent the problem, you must always try to park your car in the shade when it’s raining. In reality, although this is difficult, you never know when it can rain. So, what you must always do is wash your car after it gets exposed to rain.

Hail Damage

A hail storm can cause a lot of damage to your car. It can crack, break windshields, and windows, cause dents on the car and chip away paint etc. Some of these can go unnoticed and cause irreversible damage to the car. So, in case your car has recently got exposed to a hail storm, make sure you take your car to the car detailer as soon as possible for a thorough inspection.

If the car detailer suggests some detailing services, such as paint service to fix the scratches, then don’t hesitate to opt. For the best solution always approach a good detailer. If you are in Calgary, then visit the best car detailing in Calgary NW.


The high humidity level can damage both your car’s exterior and interior. Moisture can easily cause car rust, and when present in the car interior can cause mold growth. So, always make sure to wash your car after it gets exposed to snow or rain, and detail the interior.


As you can see how different weather elements can damage a car in several ways, it goes without saying that you as a car owner must take good care of your car. So, if you are someone who was earlier not aware of how damaging weather elements can be to your car, hopefully, can now understand why detailing is necessary as it can give great protection, and elongate your car’s life. Now, along with these, it is also important to understand you take your car to an experienced detailer for the best results. So, if you live in Calgary, and need help, then you can visit Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Center. To contact, dial403-247-8338.