Since car seats belong to the interior part of a car; car owners often ignore taking good care of their car seats. Mostly, a preliminary cleaning is done by the car owners, under the impression, that is what car seat cleaning is limited to and is required to keep the car seats clean and shiny.

However, after a few days of using the car, problems like stubborn stains, notorious odours make the whole car-owning and riding experience poor. This is why, a regular professional auto detailing Calgary cleaning service is recommended every three to four months, or, as per your car’s requirements and expert’s suggestions.

If you are someone who continuously ignored washing your car seats regularly and now, the car seats have turned dirty and are emitting a bad odour, then, take a look at this blog and take the right action.

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Professional Guide to Keep Your Car Seats Showroom Shiny

Let’s know how to keep the car seat shiny and damage-free from here;

Use Leather-Friendly Chemicals

You cannot avoid chemicals in products used for cleaning your leather car seats; however, what is important is you choose leather-friendly chemicals for cleaning purposes.

The chemicals which are avoided in car detailing Calgary NW services are;

  • Acetone
  • Petroleum
  • Alcohol

Proper care entails scrutinising what chemicals you are choosing for your car since a good car wash improves car health and give it a long-lasting shining. On the other hand, harsh chemicals can easily turn the leather of your car seats dull and brittle.

Keep a Check for Leather Tear and Holes

Before taking your car to professional car-cleaners, owners should take a close note of whether there are any material tears or any holes present in the leather. This will help to ensure that cleaning is avoided in those parts, in order, to eliminate interior water slippage.

It is never good for your car, if the washing liquids enter the cars seats, it will eventually damage the inner foam and in a very short time, make it less comfortable.

Use the Right Equipment

The right equipment, like car-friendly vacuum cleaners and wipers, must be used to clean the leather seats. Washing the car seat is not about how forcefully the stains are cleaned but, carefully the dirt is wiped off from the surface.

Following a proper procedure by keeping in mind the interior health of the car is an important factor that should not be overlooked.

Following the Process Chronologically

There are different techniques for cleaning different parts of a car, the exterior car involves a high-volume water cleaning procedure.

On the other hand, for properly cleaning the car seat the proper procedure involves-

  • Vacuum cleaning the car seat, carpets, floor mats,
  • Spraying the car seats with leather-friendly, non-toxic industrial shampoo
  • Scrubbing the car seats and other surfaces, with proper care to remove all the stubborn stains
  • Re-vacuuming is done to do away with remaining dust particles
  • Also, spot cleaning is conducted to clean the car where required

A detailed car-seat cleaning procedure helps to avoid your car seat from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria besides, getting a squeaky clean and fresh look.


A proper car seat cleaning is a necessity and a part of maintenance to which car owners must pay proper attention. If your car seat has got a lot of stains and you want a super-shiny and healthy car seat, then book an appointment at Happy Bays Car Wash & Detail Centre for a car detailing Calgary NW service and love your car back like before. Drop a mail at or call 403-247-8338.