Paint protection films (PPF), are applied on cars to protect them from scratches and dents and losing shine, etc. And since, it is not possible for you to take your vehicle frequently to the car care centre and to apply paint protection every time your car gets a scratch. This is where; self-healing paint protection films can help you. With their self-healing properties, these car paint films once applied can self heal the car from scratches and minor dings etc. So in case you constantly worry about getting a scratch on your car or think what is the solution for a ding on your car because you have recently got one by brushing it against a tree? Then let us tell you! Don’t worry, apply a strong and quality self-healing film Calgary and get rid of your anxiety the car scratches together.  

Self-healing film Calgary

What is a self-healing Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection films (PPF) are a transparent, flexible and thin layer of protective covering that is applied all over a car’s paint. This layer of protection helps a car from getting poor scratches and dents on it due to minor accidents. Also, it protects the car from the UV rays of the sun.

Some variants of PPFs have self-healing properties, helping the films to heal themselves from external forces like scratches and minor dings. This is why, when these films are applied to the car in multiple layers it works cohesively and helps to heal the car’s surface-level damages when exposed to heat.

How does it work?

Self-healing paint protection films, in reality, do not work by removing dents and scratches. Instead, the self-healing paint protection works by protecting the car’s paint from;

  • Getting damaged with the help of scratch-resistant thick polyurethane coating
  • Fading, discolouration and stains because of the clear coat
  • Also, on contact with heat, it enables the underneath layers to get rearranged for dissipating a scratch

This self-healing paint protection when exposed to heat, it returns to its lowest state in energy levels and that dissolves the scratches from the car’s surface. Let’s take an example to help you understand how PPF works. Think of an ice cube that you scratched with your fingernails and, then this scratched ice cube is exposed to heat. What will happen?  The ice cube will dissolve the scratched surface and thus, eliminating it altogether. Similarly, the PPF that is self-healing will heal when the car is washed with warm water or when you expose your car to the sun’s heat.

What are the benefits of applying self-healing PPF?

There is more than one benefit of applying self-healing PPF. Let’s check out what are these;

  • Best paint protection
  • Appreciates the car’s value
  • Economical since you don’t have to frequently get your car painted to eliminate surface scratches and dings etc. So it is cost-effective in the long run

If you want to grab the benefits of self-healing paint protection film, you can avail of auto detailing Calgary service and treat your car with top self-healing PPF protection.

Conclusion If you have a car, problems of scratches, dings and dents will keep cropping up! So if you have a solution like self-healing paint protection film, it becomes much easier to tackle such problems. So before your car is scratched, dented or dinged, protect your car with self-healing PPF from any top car service centres, or you can approach us at Happy Bays to get the best self-healing PPF applied on your car under our auto detailing service Calgary. If you want to avail of our service get in touch with us by dialling 403-247-8338 or emailing us at