Every time you take your car for a drive, brake dust is generated. This is a type of dirt that is a mixture of carbon fibres and adhesive, which comes off when the metal shaving and brake pad starts operating. This dirt is categorised as highly corrosive because it is generated from the heat and if it is not removed timely, can cause pitting and wheel corrosion. Also, road grimes can similarly harm your car wheels.

This is why, if you own a car, you need to take your car for a proper car wheel cleaning regularly. Also, it is suggested to get your car wheels professionally cleaned before cleaning the rest of your vehicle. This is because; while cleaning your car there is a chance that the brake dust and dirty water can end up blotching the car, which will again require cleaning.

Washing your car wheels under wand wash Calgary, not only make your car wheels look super shiny, but also, help the car wheels to last longer and function efficiently. Check out below, all the steps followed by experienced car wheel cleaners;

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How Professionals Clean Your Car Wheels?

Several parts of the car wheels require professional attention like the interior wheel wells, control arms and anti-roll bars. Professionals at Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Centre use advanced car wheel washing tools and offers thorough cleaning under coin car wash service. The steps followed in this process are;

  • Car Rinsing

The right amount of water force is necessary to remove all the stubborn grimes and the accumulated brake dust. Here, the team of professionals accordingly adjusts the water force, and thoroughly conduct wheel wash to flush away as much dirt and grime as possible.

  • Applying Wheel Cleaner

After rinsing the car wheels, a car-friendly wheel cleaner is sprayed on each wheel and before the cleaner dries, the professional starts degreasing the car wheels.

  • Degreasing the Wheel

Under degreasing, a professional brush is used to scrub the grime effectively and gently. While conducting degreasing, the professionals ensure there is a water layer in the area. And, no way is the wheel scratched wrongly. They also ensure, that the cleaner is not left to dry on the wheel, which might create an unattractive spot.

In between spokes, barrels, around the lug nut holes, every part is thoroughly cleaned by a professional in this step.

  • Cleaning the Wheel Wells

Next, the wheel wells are cleaned, the wheel well requires thorough cleaning. This is because specks of dust and grimes quickly accumulates in the wheel well and its surrounding area.  

  • Repeat Rinsing

Once, the above steps are over, the experts clean your vehicle wheels once again thoroughly to ensure the car wheels are squeaky clean.

  • Drying the Wheel

After rinsing, the car wheels are wiped manually with the help of a micro-fibre towel and are next left to dry naturally.

  • Polishing the Wheels

Car wheel polish is applied on the wheels in small sections to avoid the polish from drying up before it can be rubbed. The entire wheel is applied with the polish to help it regain its lost shine.

  • Sealing the Wheel with Wax

Finally, after the polish dries up, wax is applied to the wheel to enhance the shine and glossy look and also, the wax acts as a layer of protection against scratches.

Once the wax is applied, the car wheels are left to dry for about 10-15 minutes, then, with a clean cloth, the wheels are wiped.

Final Thoughts

Wheels are important parts of a car, just like the other car parts and thus, it needs proper professional attention. Regular maintenance of a car refers to complete maintenance of the car and not partly maintenance. This is why a thorough car wheel cleans up under coin car wash service is required. In case you are looking for a reliable car washing company, contact Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail Centre by dialling 403-247-8338 or drop a mail at info@happybays.ca for more information.