Car detailing is one of the most important maintenance tips that must be incorporated to enhance the longevity of the car. From dumping the compartments and the back seat with food wrappers, edibles to beverage bottles, we sure do treat our beloved vehicles with gross negligence at times. Not to mention the incessant amount of furs that are shed once you travel with your pets. The exteriors too are subjected to a lot of grime and dust due to its time spent on muddy and snow caked roads. Chipped paint, dents and scratches are regular occurrences and these can be curbed with frequent detailing.

10 Effective Car Detailing Methods

Car detailing service providers are thus your safest bet to have yourself a shiny car that remain at its elegant best both inside and out and should be enlisted at the earliest. However, if you prefer to indulge in some DIY detailing techniques, do follow the below mentioned methods and pamper your car:

1. Lubrication
Clean the hinges of the doors and windows with a soft fibre to get rid of the embedded dirt and grime. Spray a few drops of grease or motor oil in its place and prevent them from creaking.

2. Clean The Air Vents
You cannot possibly use a vacuum cleaner over the air vents to clean them. Use a paintbrush or a tooth brush to gently clean the vents to enjoy fresh and clean air every time you switch on the air conditioner.

3. Deep-clean The Upholstery
Rent or purchase carpet and upholstery cleaning machines that not only remove the grime but also sprays the surface with soap water, cleaning them thoroughly.

4. Invest In Leather Repair Kit
No matter how expensive the leather or vinyl is, expect a tear every now and then. These tears can be easily fixed with the help of inexpensive leather repair kits, preventing the insides of your car to expose a gaping hole on the upholstery.

5. Remove The Grime From The Top Of The Windows
The grime that remains lodged on the rim of the windows often get overlooked while detailing the car. Make sure you clean them once you wipe the glass surface of the windows.

6. Do Not Let Stickers Leave A Permanent Mark
Stickers that you accumulate from your visits to national parks and museums are leave a sticky residue even if you pull them off with care. Use decreasers to get rid of the stain and the residue and wipe off with a clean rug.

7. Get Rid Of That Funky Smell
Hold a can of deodoriser, mist or aerosol near the air vents and turn of the fan to max mode. Keep the doors and windows shut and let the air get circulated inside the car. This would also make the interiors smell wonderful for a longer amount of time.

8. Take Care Of Those Wheels
Auto detailing services in Calgary harp on the importance of wheel detailing and this is one of those rules that you must abide by. Dismount the wheels, clean the spokes and coat it with fresh paint. Let the coat dry for an entire day and you are good to go.

9. Move The Seats To And Fro
Moving the seats forward can reveal a whole lot of junk that would otherwise go unnoticed. Strap on a face mask, upturn the carpets and vacuum away the dirt that can at times give rise to a foul smell.

10. Use Nail Paint For The Scratches
One of the most inexpensive ways to make the paint chips go away is to buy nail paint or regular paint, the shade of which closely resembles that of the car. Apply it carefully to prevent larger chips and rust coated exteriors in the future.

Happy Bays, one of the premier car washing centres in Calgary are here to provide you with the right assistance when it comes to detailing your beloved automobile. Indulge in some DIY techniques or enlist some professional help.