Winter can be brutal both on the exterior and interior of the car, as during the winter a car endures not only harsh winter climate and snow but also, harmful road salt. Thus, as the winter departs and spring sets in, the weather turns warmer and is a perfect time to clean your vehicle and get all the salt and grime off the car. So, if you are a car owner, and wondering whether a professional car cleaning and detailing service can help you. Then, let’s show you in this blog what professional spring cleaning includes and how it can help your car. However, for the best car cleaning and detailing service, you must visit a qualified car detailer. So, if you are in Calgary, then you can visit a leading car detailing in Calgary service provider.

So, let’s check out how spring car detailing and cleaning service can help your car.

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Removes winter dirt

Washing your car with the right cleaning agents not only makes your car exterior look better but also, helps to get rid of substances such as road salt, mud, grit and dust. During the winter, these elements build up and if left untreated can damage the car’s paintwork and also, cause rust and corrosion.

Cleans undercarriage

One of the most important areas that must be paid great attention to is the undercarriage of the car. During the winter, road salt is used to melt the snow, this is a chemical, which if gets attached to the car’s underbody can eat away the paint and expose the metal parts of the car to rust and corrosion. Thus, it is essential to consider a spring car cleaning service.

Give a shiny summer coat for the car

Exposure to harsh winter and snowfall can damage your car’s paint. Thus, if you notice that the exterior of the car has become dull you can get your car polished and waxed. While polishing helps to get rid of the dirt and dust, applying a clear coat of wax after polishing, will enhance the shine of the car and also, prepare the car for the upcoming summer. This is because waxing protects your car from harmful UV rays and helps the paintwork to last longer.

Cleans the interior

When you take your car out during the wintertime, you not only expose the car’s exterior to the harsh winter but also, the interior of the car. As you enter your car, you bring the snow, road salt and dirt from the outside to the floor mats and even on the seats. Thus, the interior must be cleaned properly.

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Helps to sanitize the car

With the help of car vacuuming and steaming services under interior car detailing, you can stop your car interior from becoming a breeding ground of germs and bacteria. In winter, as you enter the car with dirt, snow, salt and grit from the road, you can easily make your car interior smelly and dirty and an ideal place for germs to breed. Thus, by cleaning the car seats, and floor mats, you help to sanitize the car.

Conclusion These are some of the ways a spring cleaning can help your car in all aspects. So, if you are considering spring cleaning your car, then you are on the right track as a well-maintained car can give you a long-lasting performance. So, if you are earlier, if you were confused now you know how it can be beneficial. However, to ensure that your car receives the best treatment in Calgary, you must get in touch with Happy Bays Car Wash and Detail center for the best interior car cleaning in Calgary. To contact, call 403-247-8338 or email us at