When it comes to cleaning your car, you can opt for a self serve car wash or a touch free car wash. A touch free car wash offers a great advantage over other types of car wash services; which is that you can avoid all contacts with surfaces that can be polluted with grime and grit. So, the precious finish or your car can be saved from scratches. Automatic car wash Calgary services offer customized packages you may choose from. 

Automatic Car Wash Calgary

What Is a Touch Free Car Wash?

At an automatic or touch free car wash Calgary centre, a sensor guides the clients to drive into the right position. After that, an automated system washes the car with soap water, rinses off grime, applies cleaning agents, and then provides any special treatment the clients want for their vehicles. Once it is finished, the car is again directed through steam delivered by blowers. 

Perks of Going for a Touch Free Car Wash

There are many reasons why you should opt for a touch free car wash instead of other options available, such as: 

Brilliant Results

As the name implies, no part of the car is touched during a touch free car wash. All you need to do is to drive the car into the car wash centre and the machines will do their work. However, even if they do not touch your vehicles, you will still get the same excellent results that you are used to getting from traditional car wash services. Therefore, your car will be free of dirt and grimes with this car wash method without the risks of scratches and damages. 


Touch free car wash is inexpensive compared to other car washing methods as it uses no highly specialized cleaning agents. Most car owners can easily afford the service regularly. By paying a bit extra, you can also get detailed cleaning of the wheels and the undercarriage for full-service results. It will be a lot cheaper than what you need to pay for the same services if you choose a quality auto detailing package. 

Eco-friendly Option

If you choose to wash your vehicle at home, it can take up to 150 gallons of water easily, while a touch free car wash uses about 35 gallons approximately. Moreover, when you use detergents or soaps to clean your car, these cleaning agents along with the grunge coming off the car can pollute the groundwater. Touch free car wash service centres, on the other hand, reclaim the used water after washing the car and reuse it for other car washes. 

How Does Touch Free Car Wash Work?

Touch free car wash has three major steps –

  1. First, the vehicle is lathered two times using car soap. It makes sure that the entire car is freed from dirt. 
  2. After that, a high-pressure spot-free rinse is applied while the car goes through the wash bay.
  3. Finally, triple-foaming polish is used to leave the vehicle neat and gleaming like a new car. 

The whole process takes less than half an hour. It depends on how sophisticated the car wash system is. Since no brush touches the surface of your car during the whole process, you do not have to worry about ugly swirl marks or uneven brush spots. 

Conclusion: Touch free car wash is your best option if you want to protect your car from scratches. Happy Bays Car Wash & Detail Centre is a renowned touch free car wash Calgary centre that offers several packages for you to choose from. Depending on your budget, you may go for Basic, Deluxe, Supreme, or Ultimate package. Feel free to get in touch with Happy Bays for more details.