According to the data published in Road And Travel Magazine, vehicle owners in Canada spent almost $20 billion every year. Various reports on environment state that pollution and acid rain have led the car owners to seek more car washing services. More than 50% of the car owners wash their cars more than once every month, whereas 16% of the owners never wash their cars.

Top Trends in Car Wash Industry

Over the last few years, the car wash industry has been undergoing massive changes owing to the introduction of new trends and the increased demand. During the wee months of 2018, certain new trends were also introduced in the circuit. These trends are a stunning combination of technology and customer preference. Keep reading to know more about the latest inclinations in the car wash industry.

The Introduction of Automatic Machines

Though automatic car washes are not new in the industry, the trend is far from being plateaued out. The use of automatic car wash machines reduces the need for manual labour while increasing the operation time and efficiency. This results in an increased profitability for the businesses. The services rendered by automated machines are more precise and satisfactory. There are many new and upcoming automatic car wash Calgary based that are applying this technique to reach out to more people with fast and impressive services.

Introducing Monthly Membership Programs

While offering unlimited car wash facility has incurred massive loses for many car wash business, many have finally found the perfect way to promote their business without having to suffer losses. Monthly membership programs are a great way to increase revenue and keep it consistent. The biggest advantage is that since the members anticipate the services, it becomes a consistent income for the car wash companies. Giving discounts on the membership programs is also beneficial for it keeps the customers interested.

The Need to Keep the Car Clean and Hygenic

Car owners are obsessed with their cars. They have this dire need to keep the car spotless and flawless. No scratches and no sign of dirt! Given that pollution has made it impossible to keep the cars (for that matter anything else) clean, car owners run to the exterior and interior car cleaning Calgary based service providers to get a good treatment for their prized possession. The right wash can keep the car cleaner longer. With the top-notch technology used to complete the action, people have started understanding the significance of a good and professional car wash. This trend of keeping the cars clean has further led to the increasing popularity of the circuit.

The Sonar Technology

This is a new tech that was developed to reduce water wastage and save the customer’s money. The machine used for the wash is fitted with a special technology that can sense the type of vehicle and further automatically adjust the kind of wash automatically. Whether you have a small car or a big one, the types of wash differs. Using the sonar technology can reduce the amount of chemical used, without affecting the quality of the wash. With this particular technology, the car wash industry can reach the epitome of success.

The Use of Social Media To Attract More Customers

We live in a world that is primarily run by the social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even email play a significant role in validating a business and further increasing its reach to the customers. Most of the car washing companies are opting for long-term marketing solutions using the social media. Sending gift cards, coupons and offering discounts using emails and social posts is attracting a wide range of customers. These successful methods are not only helping retain the customers but are also pivotal in making others aware of the business. Combing these smart marketing methods on the social media along with quality service can result in a massive boost for the companies as well as the industry in whole.

The car wash industry is undergoing a massive change. These trends for car wash in Calgary, combined with other factors like increase in the number of cars and oil reforms has led to increased demand for car wash companies. These trends have started making a positive impact on the circuit and these have no intention of stopping any time soon!